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I Went To Trump’s Montana Rally. Now, I Realize Why He Won.

Depicted by the New York Times as the “least gay-friendly city in Montana,”with “59,000 mostly conservative citizens,” Great Falls is total Trump turf. It is also my hometown. When an official within the local political establishment informed me that the President of the United States would be flying on Air Force One into Great Falls International Airport, my mind was off to the races. Would he flip our only blue Senate seat red? Would this


Perspective: Uncovering The True Meaning of The American Flag

I am a 17-year-old white male, and when I look at the American flag, I see prosperity. I see snow-white ski-runs, where I spend the majority of my winter weekends. I see that same cherry-red hue in the wine I drink at Catholic church on Sundays. I see the oh-so-familiar starry night that gives me pride to call Montana’s Big Sky Country home. I am reminded of my life, as an American, and of every

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An Open Letter to Nabra

Assalamu’alaikum Nabra. Peace be upon you. You don’t know me, nor do I know much about you, but the world knows your name. When my heart is heavy I tend to pick up my virtual pen and write, so I write this piece to you, despite the fact that you’ll never read it. You’ll never read it because God took you from this world. That’s important for me to remember. That sick, barbaric man did


Summer Is Approaching: Here Comes the Inner Detox

It’s is now officially spring! The clocks have gone forward; we now have fewer hours to sleep. It’s almost ice pole season, weather is getting warmer, the list of motives and summer BBQs are increasing. Things are starting to fall into place, days ahead are beginning to appear brighter and everything is starting to run a lot smoother. Instead of worrying about the unseen or having anxiety over the challenges you are facing, have faith

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How We Erase Intellectual Disability

Growing up with two sisters with intellectual disability has taught me a lot about diversity, patience, and loving without boundaries. However, very recently, along with throughout their lives, I have found that people feel the need to erase their disabilities to accept them. My sister, Dakota, is considered high functioning. She is in a transitional program to get a job, and may be able to live on her own one day. My other sister, Courtney,

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What I Learned Going Through Middle School

Middle School is a like a large and threatening looking jungle filled with surprises at every turn. I know that metaphor may have sounded a little scary, and it was. But middle school was fun and scary in a different way. All I knew about it was that it was a place where older kids walked into and got spit out as completely different people, and now it was my time to do the same.

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Why We Should Keep Promoting Body-Positivity

Throughout most of my life, I recall being unhappy with the way I looked. I have never been skinny and when I was younger this was a major source of extremely poor self-esteem for me. I felt inadequate and I thought that just because I was a bigger girl that that made me ugly. When I was about 16 years old, that changed for me though when I discovered a woman on YouTube named Loey

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I Saw Sean Spicer at An Apple Store And I Was Shook

Yesterday while at the Apple store buying a new phone none other than Sean Spicer walked in. You read that right– I just happened to see Sean Spicer browsing the Apple store on a saturday afternoon. Spicer is Trump’s  press secretary and the White House communications director, as well as the internet known “alternative facts” speaker. He was also recently portrayed in a brilliant SNL skit by Melissa Mccarthy. I have to say I found this

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A Letter to my Younger, More Problematic Self

As a 19 year-old, I would like to consider myself fairly educated on social issues. I would like to think that I am inclusive and do my best to recognize injustice. I was not always this way though. I sometimes think back to things I used to say and do and think when I was younger and I wish I could go back and talk to my younger self and explain why what the things

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Don’t Apologize for My Brother’s Disability

I have a pretty normal family. It’s the standard nuclear family made up of my mom, my dad, my younger brother and myself (and our puppy, Piper). My mom and my dad are great parents, and my dog is the sweetest thing in the world. My brother, the final link of the family, is a pretty average 13-year-old boy whose main focuses in life are how his favorite football team is doing, and what he’s eating

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