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So…What Just Happened In New York?

New York was one of the important states to watch in the presidential primaries for both major parties, with some candidates’ teams even referring to the weeks leading up to the New York primaries as some of the most important of their campaigns. While there can be a lot of bias built into the reporting from major media companies (as another Affinity writer made clear in this piece) reactions from political commentators are just as

LGBT+, Politics

The North Carolina Boycott

Imagine yourself as a man. You feel in your gut you know that’s who you are. You feel completely comfortable with the way you identify, and have been using the men’s bathroom for years, no problem! One morning, you turn on the T.V and hear that you can’t feel like a man when you use the bathroom, since you were born with the sex of a female, because it’s now the law. How is that


A Complete Beginner’s Guide to the Primary Election

  As in most election years, coverage of 2016’s Presidential Election cycle has been unavoidable to a broad audience: absolutely anyone with access to the Internet. But while almost everyone has gained at least a little of bit of familiarity with the upcoming election and its candidates by now, the whole thing can be hard to understand for some including younger, less seasoned voters, foreigners or people who are generally uninvolved in politics. News stories


A Response To “Millennials and Bernie Bros”

While I respect the opinions of others, I think they should also be open to criticism and analysis- and the lack of this is exactly the issue I have with Jordan Thompson’s recent Affinity article, “Millennials and Bernie Bros: The Demonization of Hillary Clinton”. Jordan is a talented writer, and, given the fact he’s an intern for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, I can see that he is dedicated and passionate about his stance. I don’t doubt

Op-ed, Politics

Millennials and “Bernie Bros”: The Demonization of Hillary Clinton

For a majority of our lives, we’ve all been taught to hate Hillary Clinton. Often perceived as untrustworthy, Hillary has been demonized by both popular media and popular culture. As an intern on the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, I often noticed a lack of millennial presence. Most of my peers were either older college students or middle aged adults; there wasn’t much in between. Whenever I attempted to recruit my friends or people that belonged

Feminism, Politics

We Owe Monica Lewinsky An Apology

While a lot of Affinity readers are too young to remember, there was one name that dominated the news, the Internet and the cultural landscape of the 1990s in a way that no public figure (not even Beyonce) could possibly replicate: Monica Lewinsky. You’ve probably heard the name in passing (or, as Monica herself said in her fabulous Ted talk, in rap songs), but may not know the (whole reason) for her fame. Well, back


Trump’s Toxic Effect in Our Schools

Every four years, the American presidential election occurs which allows teenagers the opportunity to form their own political beliefs and engage in relevant political discussion with their peers at school. This experience can often be a positive one for high school students, as they are exposed to a variety of political beliefs and important issues often for the first time in their life. Unfortunately, this year’s primary season is having a negative effect on many


John Kasich: Stop Victim Blaming!

John Kasich is a victim blamer, and that is 100%, completely, and undeniably unacceptable. At a Watertown, New York town hall on Friday, April 15, Kasich told a female college student to stay away from “parties where there’s a lot of alcohol” to prevent from being raped or sexually assaulted. To my surprise and dismay, the crowd actually applauded this statement of advice. This incident reflects how many Americans view victims of sexual assault. Sadly,



Throughout Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, he’s had many guest speakers at his rallies. And his event last night was no different. Dr. Paul Song, a socialist healthcare activist, spoke at the event, which was held in New York City’s Washington Square Park. In his speech, Dr. Song referenced Hillary Clinton’s political views. Almost immediately after, he stated, “ for all will never happen, if we have a president who never aspires to anything greater

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