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Even President Obama listens to the kids

  You’ve seen Affinity’s t-shirt campaign “Listen to the kids”, maybe you’ve even bought one of the shirts yourself. “Listen to the kids” is a slogan aiming to get the message across that kids/teenagers are capable of holding intellectual conversations about typical “adult” things, such as politics, that are factual and correct. Recently, President Obama has revealed an eye-opening moment where he decided to “listen to the kids” on the topic of gay marriage, which


Who Are These Laws Really Protecting?

 Within just one day, the American justice system has managed to fail considerably on the grounds of “liberty and justice for all”. On April 27, 2016 Bill Haslam, the Governor of Tennessee, signed a bill that allows medical professionals to use their discretion to refuse to provide LGBT+ patients with mental health services they are in need of. Sarah Ellis, CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, said that “denying anyone vital mental

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Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils: Philippine Presidential Elections

Everyone (probably) knows about the presidential election in the USA. But in the other side of the world, another presidential election is taking place in the country with more than 7,000 islands. With the last Philippine Presidential Debate wrapping up last week, the Philippines would be under a new leader in a few week’s time and for many Filipinos like myself, it can both be a scary and exciting change for the country. Previously dubbed


Ted Cruz: The Overlooked Threat

With this election season approaching faster than expected, young people have begun taking advantage of their social media platforms to express their support for their candidate and urge others to do the same. They have also taken it upon themselves to declare their passionate hatred for Donald Trump. You can look almost anywhere and find teenagers and other millennials protesting Trump—even at his own rallies! This collective hatred for the Republican frontrunner is expressed through


Tupac’s Back to Call Out Trump

MTV News has dug up an unreleased interview with Tupac Shakur from 1992, where the late rapper makes an insightful evaluation of the culture of greed and materialism – shown through none other than Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. MTV News captured Shakur criticizing cooperate leaders and greedy people for usurping American values of responsibility and compassions in favor of the pursuit of wealth. “If you want to be successful, if you want to be like Trump.


Someone’s Finally Going to Pay for Flint (Hopefully)

Today, three officials were finally charged for their roles in causing the emergency situation with respect to Flint’s water supply. Michael Glasgow, an official from Flint who was in charge of maintaining the city’s water treatment plant, was charged with evidence tampering and wilful neglect of duty for falsifying reports about the state of the city’s water supply. Stephen Busch and Michael Prysby, both employees of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, were charged on


Voter registration deadline: when can you register to vote in your state?

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A Political Quagmire: Pick Your Poison

We all know it is secretly true. This election has been nothing but an ego-showcase, or competition to see which candidate can get the most followers on Twitter. In a world that is trying so desperately hard to become so advanced, we have found nothing but extreme segregation resulting in actual hate crimes, and uneducated and out-right stupid statements regarding- running the most powerful country in the world. Americans truly didn’t realize how good they


So…What Just Happened In New York?

New York was one of the important states to watch in the presidential primaries for both major parties, with some candidates’ teams even referring to the weeks leading up to the New York primaries as some of the most important of their campaigns. While there can be a lot of bias built into the reporting from major media companies (as another Affinity writer made clear in this piece) reactions from political commentators are just as

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The North Carolina Boycott

Imagine yourself as a man. You feel in your gut you know that’s who you are. You feel completely comfortable with the way you identify, and have been using the men’s bathroom for years, no problem! One morning, you turn on the T.V and hear that you can’t feel like a man when you use the bathroom, since you were born with the sex of a female, because it’s now the law. How is that

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