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Why Everyone Should Vote

Written by Gage Tarlton  In 2008, only 62.3 percent of the people eligible showed up to put their voices to action by voting in the Obama vs. McCain election. In 2012, that number dropped to a whopping 57.5 percent. In other words, a little less than half of eligible Americans are not turning up to vote.! Imagine if all of the people that were eligible showed up to vote in the 2008 election. The outcome


7 Reasons Why Andrew Jackson Needs To Be Removed From The 20 Dollar bill

Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States of America, has rested comfortably on the twenty dollar bill ever since his face was chosen to replace Grover Cleveland in 1928. However, the campaign Womenon20s wants to change this. The Department of the Treasury finally came out and said they planned to put a woman on the $20 dollar bill, this idea gained nation attention. There are two, large catches to their promise, the treasury is not


The Minimum Wage Is Not a Living Wage

Written by Helen Cunningham Everyone knows that America is a land of glistening opportunity. From our gold paved streets to our towering skyscrapers nothing screams self made success like our fifty years of global economic dominance. Men march by in suits sharp enough to cut steel. Car horns blare as businesspeople wait to do their daily part for the crushing wheel of capitalism. Posters of famous models plaster every building, making bedroom eyes at pedestrians


Trump: The Negative Impact

Written by Katie Christensen The 2016 Presidential Race will come to a close on November 8, 2016. In the meantime, while you decide for whom you are going to vote, it’s important that you learn the facts.Donald Trump, a partisan of the Republican Party- where to begin. He actually uses his career as a former reality television star as a means of persuading voters. He is extremely rude and insensitive, which is actually an understatement,

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The Senate Voted To Defund Planned Parenthood: What Does This Mean?

There are many negative connotations that have been made because of inaccurate assumptions by those who are against Planned Parenthood. The most prominent being those concerned with the abortions that take place within these facilities. It is important to keep in mind that abortions are not the only services that Planned Parenthood has to offer in fact, it makes up only 3% of what Planned Parenthood is about. Planned Parenthood offers one of the most

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Why Feminists Should Choose Bernie Over Hillary

Hillary Clinton is often framed as the “women’s candidate” for president. This is not unfounded; her positions are relatively pro-women, and she has a history of advocating for women and children. Many major feminists have come out in support of her, including Gloria Steinem who claimed that women who voted for Clinton over Obama in 2008 were more “radical,” despite the fact that Obama has proven himself to be more liberal than Clinton in almost


The White House on Syrian Refugees in the United States

Last week the White House released information on Syrian Refugees in America in a brief report that they titled “By the Numbers.” Foremost, the administration communicates that not helping “would be a betrayal of our deepest values as Americans.”  That is why the White House commits to “provide refuge to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.”  The White House reports that, to date, the United States has admitted just 2,034 Syrian refugees (of 7,014

Feminism, Politics

My Body, My Choice: Let’s End the Virginity Stigma

In today’s culture, virginity has become a concept which holds much greater value than its literal definition. While the concept is simple, society has placed a tremendous amount of moral and ethical connotation along with it. The pressure placed on today’s youth because of these standards has led to a substantial amount of judgement and misunderstanding of the act of losing one’s virginity. However, these ideals reflect most predominantly towards women. Due to the stigma that

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Let’s Fight Rape Culture

“She was asking for it. Did you see what she was wearing?” “She was asking for it. I mean, she was definitely hitting on me.” She was wasn’t asking for it. She never asked for it. Our clothing does not equal our consent. It never has. It never will. A crop top and short shorts does not equal consent. A flirtatious attitude does not equal consent. Having sex with you on Friday does not equal


Hey Washington, Let’s Talk About Vaginas

FGM. Female genital mutilation. We’ve all heard of this third world horror–the removal of a girl’s outer sexual organs, including the clitoris and labia, as well as the closure of the vulva–but what if it isn’t such a “third world” horror, after all? FGM is growing in popularity within the United States. According to a study released by the African Women’s Health Center at the beginning of this year, over 500,000 girls and women in

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