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California Is The First State To Teach Consent In High School: Here’s Why Its Important

  First brought to light in October, 2015, California is finally taking it’s first step in progressing education by welcoming the topic of consent in Sex-Ed classes. On the first of October, Jerry Brown, California’s Governor, approved a law requiring school districts that include health as a graduation requirement to teach about sexual consent and “yes means yes”. The law also requires state education officials to update curriculum guidelines for high school health classes with


A Country Built On Hypocrisy

Written by Olivia Ali    America is a country that beat the odds. America rose against the oppression of their motherland, declared their own freedom, wrote out a citizen’s rights from birth, and became one of the strongest countries in the world. However, America seems to be back tracking, as one of the rights stated in the very first constitutional amendment is being ignored. Our freedom of speech is a constitutional right, yet people don’t seem


White Privilege 101: Just Call Them Terrorists

On January 3rd, 2016, a group of terrorists seized Oregon’s National Wildlife Refuge. Donning camouflage and waving guns, they protested the arrest of two local ranchers, who were sentenced to prison for arson. Originally, the protest was peaceful and no guns were visible. Hugs were exchanged, tears were shed; the two ranchers were greatly loved. But the peace soon came to an end as a handful of armed men emerged from the shadows and declared


Is Hillary Clinton Anti-Feminist?

It’s no secret that former president Bill Clinton has a history of multiple sexual assault/misconduct cases between the years of 1978 and 1993. The first woman out of the five who stated that they had sexual encounters with Bill was Paula Jones. She filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill in 1994, three years after the incident of Clinton exposing himself to Jones. The case was dismissed because Jones did not suffer any damages, which


President Obama on Gun Safety Reform #StopGunViolence

    “We know that we can’t stop every act of violence. But what if we tried to stop even one?” President Obama On January 5, 2016, President Barack Obama released a plan to the nation on the steps the administration is taking to #StopGunViolence. Speaking from the East Room of the White House, President Obama outlined the steps he believes are necessary to reduce gun violence and make our communities safer. In the audience was


No Child Left Behind Act upgraded into the Every Student Succeeds Act

“We are a place that believes every child, no matter where they come from, can grow up to be anything they want… And I’m confident that if we fix No Child Left Behind, if we continue to reform American education, continue to invest in our children’s future, that’s the America we will always be.”      -President Barack Obama President Obama has stated that “education is the civil rights issue of our time.” He promotes that every


Nicki Minaj’s Brother Accused of Child Rape

Nicki Minaj’s brother has been accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old.  On Wednesday, Jelani Maraj, 37, walked into the Nassau County courthouse with his mother Carol Maraj and lawyer Andrea Zellan. He is being charged of first-degree rape and first-degree sexual conduct against the minor, whom he allegedly raped multiple times between April 1st and November 30th. If convicted, he faces up to 50 years in prison.   Contrary to some early reports, it was


US Politics Kills Dozens Daily

The United States has a gun problem unparalleled anywhere in the world. The mass shooting in San Bernardino last Wednesday was the 352nd this year, averaging out to more than one mass shooting every day. According to the Brady Campaign, the average day sees 31 murders and 55 suicides committed by firearms in the US. The US firearm homicide rate is 20 times higher than the combined rates of 22 other countries that are similar


Michelle Obama: 62 Million Girls Around The World Aren’t In School

“I believe that education is the single-most important civil rights issue that we face today. Because, in the end, if we really want to solve issues like mass incarceration, poverty, racial profiling, voting rights, and the kinds of challenges that shocked so many of us over the past year, then we simply cannot afford to lose out on the potential of even one young person. We cannot allow even one more young person to fall

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Why You Aren’t “Pro-Life”

You’re afraid of terrorists. You won’t let refugees into our country because what if they’re terrorists? Some of them are children no older than ten, but they might be terrorists! You stop every Middle Eastern person at the airport just to be safe. Safe from what? Terrorists. But what about the terrorists that are already here? What about the potentially white, Christian terrorists?     They often go by the name of “pro-lifers”.     Recently, there has been extreme

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