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There Are More Women in Politics All Over the World Than Ever Before

This is apart of our Fall 2017 Issue focused on Diversity.Women either in or vying for political positions of power face a multitude of obstacles in a world where men dominate the field of politics. Gender stereotypes prevail in today’s political atmosphere and serve as a basis for many when voting or nominating candidates  Appearing strong and capable is not enough, one must endure queries of plans for parenting, inquiries regarding domestic life, and a number of other factors that may define a

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WTF Europe

2015 was the year my hope in the future of the European Union was restored. Although the Greeks were in quite big financial trouble, the E.U. offered them, time and time again, bailouts. They were there for their friend in need, because friends is what the member states of the E.U. are. It’s a union of friends. Or is it? 2016 proved us quite the opposite. Back in April, I would have never thought I’d

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Why “Lemonade” Was The Most Important Album of 2016

The year 2016 as Kylie Jenner (unintentionally, yet hilariously) put it was really the year of just realizing stuff. For many black people, in wake of the presidential election, and the highly publicized police brutality & police killings that occurred on social media all throughout the year as a whole we saw our community begin to wake up. Many television shows began to tackle racial issues casually and gracefully, and many musicians, models, and actors

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