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Wait, “Fleek” is Appropriation?

Written by Naina Varma “On fleek” and “bae” are examples of AAVE, or African American Vernacular English, a type of dialect. Because it is a dialect, AAVE includes a type of pronunciation, negative concord, and vocabulary, but in this article, I want to discuss AAVE slang. I know many white people or non-black POC, including intersectional feminists, who constantly use AAVE inappropriately in their conversations simply because they are unaware that it is appropriation.         A


Your Western Privilege is Showing

What if I told you that there was a country on earth where one in five kids goes hungry? Where one in four women is sexually assaulted, but few incidents are reported due to mistrust of the biased legal system? Where a radical right wing has a stronghold on the political system, allowing for barbaric racist, homophobic, classist, and anti-women policies? Where law enforcement is poorly trained and frequently commits acts of severe violence against

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