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Rape Survivors Aren’t The Criminals, Rapist Are: Why We Need To Change The Narrative

Disclaimer: Article may be triggering Innocent until proven guilty is a saying that gets tossed around before any trial occurs. A perpetrator is no criminal until it is decided in a court of law that there is enough evidence for a conviction. By nature, in consensus crimes, such as murder, a trial is used to determine whether or not a specific individual is guilty of committing a crime, not determining whether the crime occurred. Families

Real Life

How It Feels To Be Poor Amongst The Rich

There is a secret world amongst the top one percent of The United States that most people in our country never even stumble across. It is a lifestyle full of Louis Vuitton, summer homes in the Vineyard, and elite independent schools. Books like The Clique and television shows like Gossip Girl offer a glimpse into the world of prep schools and the drama of the rich, but not necessarily famous. It is a tight circle

Real Life

Stop Telling Me How To Be a Man

“Grow some balls. Suck it up. Boys don’t cry. Be a man.”  Masculinity is something I have never been abundantly filled with. Even when I was younger, I never gravitated towards the more “boyish” activities; I always wanted to do my own thing. My Hannah Montana binge-watching childhood provided me with numerous memorable and happy moments, but it didn’t come without struggle. I often felt out of place. A misshapen puzzle piece if you will.

Real Life

How to Fight Senioritis Early on

There are many methods and ways to progressively battle a bad case of an epidemic known as “Senioritis”. Senioritis defined is the movement towards becoming ultimately… lazy. Most seniors experience this when the realization hits that this is their last year of high school, so the noticeable results become a lack in motivation and a decline in performance. The milestone marking when this epidemic is at its peak is when seniors try to manage extracurricular

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Stop “Roasting” Your Friends In Front Of Everyone

Recently, I began my sophomore year of high school. It’d been a whole summer since I’d last seen my friends in person and I was stoked to spend more time with the people I’d grown close to over the past year. However, when I got back, it became clear that we’d all changed. After the first week of school, our group chat evolved into a passive aggressive conglomeration of condescending “roasts” and flat out name-calling.

Real Life

A New Perspective: How My High School Volunteer Job Changed Me

My memories are littered with half-hearted tries to maintain a sense of balance, to find a rhythm to pedal to. I soon took up the habit of holing up in my room, creating worlds in my head instead of exploring the one outside my window. No longer did I envy those picture-perfect families on their shiny bicycles—I had found a new way to travel, all while remaining wildly sedentary. As the years passed, I began

Real Life

Chances Are, You Have An STD And Don’t Know It

For most students, their school has a sex education class. That can be great, but what’s not so great is that those sex education classes literally teach you nothing because it chooses to censor a lot of vital information involving sex. So what happens when teens do not know much about sex? Well… babies and STDs. Sometimes we think the worst thing that can happen to us is getting pregnant, but that’s false. Imagine getting

Real Life

Senior Year Fears: Leaving My Country for College

Senior year hits you with an array of emotions and responsibilities such as nostalgia, happiness, pride, joy, and most of all: stress. It creeps along from the back of your consciousness just as soon as you start uttering the words “I’m a senior in high school”. It’ll come as you study for your standardized tests, as you stress over which AP and IB courses you’ll take, and then, when you think he tide has dragged

Real Life

Having A Squad Can Be Emotionally Draining

I remember when I was in fifth grade I went to a public school for the first time. Like most kids, I was worried about if I would make friends and if people would like me. Much to my relief, I made great friends who I always hung out with and some other good friends. In this class everyone was nice to everyone. We were a very small class and there were only three classes

Real Life

Stop Prioritizing Football and Money Over Students

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and by that, I mean football season. School has started, so high school, college, and professional football are all in full swing. For many Americans, the weekend is scheduled around football. High schoolers play Friday nights so families don’t miss the college football coverage Saturday. Then they relive it all over again and watch professional football on Sunday and Monday nights. It is a respected schedule in many

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