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Real Life

Let’s Talk About Sex(ual Consent)

With so many people getting ready to start college this fall, it’s about time that we talk about one of college campuses’ biggest problems— consent. Towards the end of last school year, I had the pleasure of talking to Merit Pinker from Rhodes College’s own consent campaign (Culture of Consent) in my hometown Memphis, Tennessee. She and a group of other students started a consent campaign that shares the stories of rape and abuse survivors

Real Life

Millennials, Wake Up: We Are Suppose To End Discrimination!

Everywhere you go you can always count on hearing racist, homophobic, and sexist comments. Whenever I hear these types of comments it enrages me because it’s usually from older white men who have white privilege and don’t get held accountable for what they say. However with school starting back again I have been opening my eyes more to what people are saying and I’ve noticed that the students at my school constantly use derogatory terms

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A Battle with Body, A Battle with Mind

I used to live on the scale in my bathroom. Every morning, I’d cautiously balance myself upon it with one foot, trying to trick the needle into giving me the lowest number possible. I would alternate between tiptoeing on it and keeping my feet on the very edge, my heels still on the ground. I desperately wanted it to lie to me. And with terror, as the stress of my personal life waxed and waned,

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Piers Morgan, India Deserves to Celebrate

The Olympic Games have always been a global celebration of athleticism and every country enters with a different motive. Whether it be to secure the most medals, showcase their best athletes on a global scale, bring prominence to their country, or even to escape the tensions back home and allow the Games to be a temporary refreshing shade. Every country is different and all the athletes come from varied upbringing and development in their specific

Real Life

Daniel Harris, Unarmed and Deaf, Was Shot By North Carolina Police

Just this morning, I awoke to another terrible story on the news. It was another police shooting. This time, the man was unarmed and also deaf. The incident took place just last week not too far from his house in North Carolina. It began as Trooper Jermaine Saunders tried to pull Harris over, but he never stopped. It lasted for a good ways and ended up back in his neighborhood. Witnesses have reported seeing the

Real Life

Here’s to the Ones Who Don’t Have Plans After High School

I know the feeling; the feeling of stagnancy and ineptitude. That self-loathing that you just can’t seem to shake. The mini panic attacks residing in a compilation of words – “Am I good enough?” “Will I make something of myself?”- or Instagram posts thrust upon us by our seemingly more “put-together” former classmates. There’s nothing worse than the thought that you’re, in the words of my mother, “floundering.” But for all of those who have

Real Life

Newsflash: It’s Perfectly Fine to Convert Religions

This topic is not talked about much, and I can be the first one to admit, I never thought I, myself would convert religions. I was never really religious, but I was content for a long time because it was the only thing I ever knew. Until I started to question the religion my family was a part of, and I began to read about other religions and study them, until I found one that was perfect

Real Life

Stop Making College Textbooks So Expensive

  I complain about college textbook prices every semester, and I will continue to until I graduate. It’s a sticky, unavoidable situation and for college students, our only source of relief is expressing our great frustration. Purchasing a book for $300 better have a map to the Fountain of Youth or El Dorado for it to be worth a couple months of rent. If you’re not familiar with the struggle, it goes as follows: Our

Real Life

I Don’t Say the Pledge of Allegiance and Here’s Why

Since I was four years old in preschool, I stood up once a day in the morning, put my hand over my heart and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to an American flag hanging over the blackboard every single day. After it was over, we would all sit back down and carry on with our planned day. I never thought much of it, why should I at such a young age? It was engraved in

Real Life

Immigration Took My Dad Away

It was eleven at night on a Wednesday and I sat with my legs crossed, back against the car window, reading the last chapters of a book I had been assigned in class. I could hear the soft breathing of my brother sleeping in the front seat, and the hum of the Beatles album that my dad loved to play when he was driving. I could feel the slow movement of the car as it

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