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Real Life

“Fat” Is Not a Bad Word

From the moment an individual is capable of distinguishing body structures and the diversity of the human form, they are exposed to the social constructs of society. They are bombarded by words meant to apply to one body type and other words that apply to the “ideal” body type. The word “fat” is one of those concepts that is associated with a body type that one shouldn’t strive for because it is unattractive, grotesque, and

Real Life

Falling in Love and Falling With… Something

When I think of falling in love for the first time, I think about the stereotypical moments that happens in movies where the male and female protagonist bump into each other, their eyes meet, they both probably dropped something and their hands brush together at the same time or they have seemingly fallen on top of each other and then they’re are apologizing profoundly to each other and awkwardly laugh and then they stand up

Real Life

Love Yourself, for Yourself, by Yourself

We are all born without choice, yet in our lives we make the most crucial decisions. One of those decisions would be whether we are able to accept ourselves as we truly are, or self deprecate as a form of humor to cushion the blow. Although this would not seem like a critical decision, it is; whether you are able to love yourself or not determines a lot of things in your life. If you

Real Life

Aspired to be an author? Try Indie Publishing!

Are you dreaming of becoming a famous author? Have you ever imagined your books are sold in bookstores all across the country? Do you dream of holding your own book signing? Are you aspired to be a well-known fantasy writer like J.K. Rowling, or a poet with words that can sweep you off your feet like Lang Leav? Are you planning on publishing your book, but your script keeps being rejected by publishers or you

Real Life

Virginity Is A Social Construct

Written by Yelita Ali As a society, we teach girls to protect their virginity from very early on. It’s almost described as something that gives you more value. We are taught to save ourselves. Female sexuality is taboo. This in itself is dangerous for cis women who cannot protect themselves sexually or have access to contraceptives.  This leaves many women with poor knowledge of their own anatomy and very vulnerable. Virginity itself doesn’t really exist. It’s

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