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How Natural Disaster Relief Fails Minorities

Does loss of life have a color? A certain bank account? A value based upon intelligence or access? Has our world reached a place wherein disaster relief and aid is just as polarizing as every other evidence of racial and socioeconomic divide? For the past week, the United States has effortlessly focused their time and energy in preparing the east coast for the impact of Hurricane Florence. Mandatory evacuations, taking effect in the Carolinas and

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Is Juuling an Epidemic Or A Phase?

Movie stars used to smoke cigarettes. On camera, illuminated by a cloud of smoke, celebrities promised that with smoking, one would achieve a charmed life and a popular way to pass time. Movies romanticized nicotine so much that the percentage of high schoolers smoking rose from 20% in 1985 to 25% a decade later.  Yet, after the groundbreaking discovery of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, the percentage of smokers dropped. The public no longer

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Here’s What You Should Know Before Reporting On Suicide

According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people die due to suicide annually. What’s saddening to note is that suicide is the second leading cause of death amongst 15-24-year-olds. Given these statistics, it is evident that the media has a tremendous role to play in reporting such issues. Unfortunately, the way in which news media handles such reporting is sensationalistic and often forsakes the ethics of journalism. It is common consensus that the irresponsible reporting

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Why You Should Always Get Involved in School Clubs

High school is a time of learning, growing and figuring out who you are as a person and who you want to be. It can be hard to manoeuvre the struggles that come with being a high school student. Getting involved in clubs and teams around the school community not only makes high school more enjoyable but helps you navigate your way through your teenage years. Only 57% of kids participate in extracurriculars, they’re missing out!

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Five Tips for Vegetarians Who Really, Really Hate Salads

Vegetarianism is at the forefront of healthy living. It’s no surprise there are so many more vegetarian and vegan food options across restaurants and dining halls nationwide. But there’s one serious catch– salads. To some, these dishes are an easy way to slide into the vegetarian way of life. To others, salads are a steaming pile of your worst nightmare. But no need to fear! Take it from me, a fellow vegetarian who avidly avoids

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Being a Voice: My College Experience at Stanford University

Never did I ever imagine that I would be able to experience the daily life of a Stanford student. After applying and getting the scholarship for the (JSA) Junior State of America summer program, I was definitely enthralled and ready to tackle rigor in the form of a college course and a debate workshop. When people hear a top-notch University, they see students binge-studying on the grass, at the library, or in their dorms throughout

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Need a Boost? Advice for Students Struggling with Fatigue

College students are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities at a time; whether it be classwork, exams, a social life, a job, or finding enough time to sleep. So in this beautiful disaster, there comes a breaking point, an energy crash so potent that we get buried under our responsibilities with the strongest urge to just sleep. As college students, the burnout period of our bodies comes more regularly and with a much stronger force than that

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I’m Mormon, but I Don’t Want a Family

What do you think of when someone says “Mormon”? Is it those happy, smiling families? Those young men who wear name tags and ride bikes? The big white temples that everyone has questions about? An episode of South Park? While these are common Mormon stereotypes, I do not fit into any of said stereotypes. I’m no “Molly Mormon.” I’m half Cambodian, my entire family isn’t Mormon, and I pick and choose regarding my involvement within

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Getting Started on Journalism

I knew from a young age that I loved writing and overtime I realised that I wanted to become a Journalist and I know there are other budding journalists such as myself who wants to become one. Personally, I like to write about personal experiences, entertainment, lifestyle, etc, and there are different types of journalists you can become, you have to see which kind fits you. Research is key. The first thing you can do

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How this organization helps teenagers change the world

For the tenth year, Three Dot Dash (a project driven by the non-profit organization We Are Family Foundation) is helping 30 new teenagers change the world, with the application deadline set at Sep. 16. The teenagers, which are called Global Teen Leaders (GTLs), come from around the globe and have solutions to certain humanitarian problems or projects that create social change. They are given a year of mentorship and support to power their solution or

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