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How The Studytube Community Helped me through My GCSES

As the first week of school approaches, I wanted to reflect on the fear I was feeling this time last year. In early September 2017, I started Year 11; the year at the end of which every fifteen or sixteen-year-old student in England, Wales and Northern Ireland sits their GCSE exams. I have always been relatively academic in the Subjects I excel in, such as English and history, but really struggle with logical subjects like
High School

Why You Should Never Turn Down A School’s Exchange Opportunity

Throughout my middle and high school years, I’ve been lucky enough to study in a school where languages and travels are considered important. In fact, every year, we had a school trip, some of them abroad. That is how I got the chance of going to Rome in seventh grade and Florence in sophomore year. However, those aren’t the only possibilities we’ve had of traveling abroad; based on which language we were studying, some of

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