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How I Improved My SAT Score

Taking tests was always a struggle for me. I did well in school, but I always found myself running out of time when it came to testing. This was a big concern for me as I started to prepare for the SAT. I decided that I wasn’t going to study for the test and just see how I would perform.         When I got my first score back, I was disappointed. It was a decent

High School

What Attending Online School is Really Like

Online, self-paced learning has been a topic of controversy in my family for a while now. I have a cousin that began taking online courses two years ago, and that was what sparked the topic of this strange form of education within my family. Many of the more traditional elders worried if he was getting the proper amount of education, whether he was developing socially, making and maintaining friendships, staying active and much more. So

High School, Real Life

How The Studytube Community Helped me through My GCSES

As the first week of school approaches, I wanted to reflect on the fear I was feeling this time last year. In early September 2017, I started Year 11; the year at the end of which every fifteen or sixteen-year-old student in England, Wales and Northern Ireland sits their GCSE exams. I have always been relatively academic in the Subjects I excel in, such as English and history, but really struggle with logical subjects like
High School

Why You Should Never Turn Down A School’s Exchange Opportunity

Throughout my middle and high school years, I’ve been lucky enough to study in a school where languages and travels are considered important. In fact, every year, we had a school trip, some of them abroad. That is how I got the chance of going to Rome in seventh grade and Florence in sophomore year. However, those aren’t the only possibilities we’ve had of traveling abroad; based on which language we were studying, some of

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