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7 Weird and Annoying German Habits

Germans. The most boring and unfunny people on this planet. I have the feeling that anyone has that thought of us. Strict, punctual and asparagus lovers. Well okay, last one may be true but that isn’t the point right now. The point is that Germans are like other people but with different priorities and characteristics which isn’t even our fault, we were raised that way. Whatever, this isn’t going to be an article about how


Growing Up Biracial Wasn’t A Fairytale

My name is Alexis Watson. I am biracial. My mom is white and my father is black. My father left when I was very young and my mother and her family raised me. Growing up I had a lot of insecurities. I remember playing on the playground when I was about 5 or 6 and one of my friends asked me “What are you?” That was the first time I felt different. I felt like

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What Is Postnatal Depression?

I was first interested in Postnatal depression after listening to the 1975’s song “She Lays Down” which was about (lead singer) Matty Healy’s struggle with his mother’s postnatal depression. The lyrics of the song were about young Matty observing how his mother’s condition changed her and how she coped with her condition. I had never heard of type of depression before so I wondered, what is postnatal depression?   Over three million women are affected by


Let Ex-Muslims Speak

Every community has its own issues. A lot of the times, we tip-toe around these issues, afraid they will taint our community’s reputation. When the whole world seems to be against you, the last thing you’d want to do is provoke it. In a previous article, I touched on sexism, misogyny and feminism in the Muslim community. In a time where Islamophobia is prevalent and widespread, it’s more important than ever to shut down these


The First Lady Speaks About Girls’ Education with Freida Pinto and Meryl Streep in Morocco and Liberia

“I see myself in these girls, I see my daughters in these girls, and I simply cannot walk away from them” — First Lady Michelle Obama   A pillar of Michelle Obama’s term as First Lady has been her focus on education, and specifically education for women who are being denied access to this fundamental right. Her goal is to help the 62 million girls on this planet who are denied access to education. Thus, as


Being a Teen in the 50s…as a Black Guy

You ever see one of those hipster Tumblr collages that talk about what people wish they were doing? Like saying that they wish they were laid up with someone, or that they wish they went on a certain type of vacation. Well there’s one that’s fairly common and extremely controversial and that’s the post that says “I wish I was a teen in the 50s.” This collage usually consists of three or four pictures that


Fox Sports Anchor Claims She “Didn’t Know Mexicans Were That Smart”

  Via “I didn’t even know Mexicans were that smart.” Sadly, this wasn’t even the worst of the comments made on the Barstool Sports Facebook broadcast on June 9th. Casual racism comes out at the worst times, doesn’t it Emily Austen? You may know her from Fox Sports Florida. She’s a 27-year-old anchor with blonde hair and a pleasing face. However, no amount of beauty or charm can dig her out of the amount of


Dancehall is Not Your “Ting”, Drake

  If you just so happen to have been paying any sort of attention in the past nine months, then you have probably noticed a dramatic difference in Drake’s entire sound. With top-charting songs such as “One Dance” and “Controlla”, his desperation to claim West Indian culture has been blaringly obvious to those who know better. To those who do not know better, this catchy new sound is something that Drake has revolutionized mainstream music


Is Halsey An Outlet for People to Erase Racial, Sexual and Mental Health Minorities?

via New Jersey singer Halsey, AKA Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, has risen to the height of fame on the internet and, in turn, in the music industry, over the past year or so. After releasing her EP ‘Room 93’ in 2014 and her 2015 record ‘Badlands’, she has become the fascination of the media and young people worldwide… but is her media attention always a positive thing?   Halsey has a mother who is a


Tips for Having the Best Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem, everyone. For those of you who don’t know what Ramadan is, it’s the holy month for Muslims. It is one of their 12 lunar months and comes around every year, however going back 10-11 days on the Gregorian calendar. In Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, meaning that they cannot eat or drink (or smoke or chew gum) throughout this period. The purpose of this exercise is to feel for those who

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