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France Fuel Protests: ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters Clash with Police in Paris

The streets of Paris escalated into a war zone as “Gilets Jaunes” (yellow vest) protesters battled with the French riot police on December 1, in the third weekend of nationwide unrest. French authorities fired tear gas, stun grenades and water cannons to disperse the crowds while masked protesters hurled projectiles, damaging retail stores with metal bars and setting buildings on fire. Some going as far as to deface the Arc de Triomphe with “the yellow


It’s Time To Face The Facts And Stop Pretending That Britian Isn’t Racist

On Good Morning Britain, Pierce Morgan got into a debate Professor Kehinde Andrew who was a guest on the show where he was discussing Britain’s racist past and rolling effects on the rest of the world and Pierce being the fragile man that he is, got offended, but who is surprised at this point? What brought on this heated discussion when astronaut Scott Kelly quoted Winston Churchill in a tweet on October 7th: One of the greatest


The E.U. Has Approved A Law That Could Ban Memes, Ruin Fandoms And Put An End To The Internet As We Know It

On June 20, the E.U. Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) approved a copyright reform to be up for negotiation that could impose strict censorship on anything that is consumed, created or shared on the internet in Europe. After the approval, the reform is now passed on to the E.U. parliament which will vote whether to continue the process of negotiating the bill on July 4. According to critics, the copyright directive is, if implemented, arguably

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Giant Inflatable “Trump Baby” To Fly Above London During President’s Visit

With President of the United States Donald Trump set to visit the United Kingdom next week, many activists are against his visit with planned protests and a giant inflatable of the President due to fly above the city. Although the exact schedule of the President is unknown, rumors state that he has plans to meet with the Queen and the Prime Minister. The inflatable is due to fly above London the morning of Friday, July

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Ireland’s Progressive Movement Towards Liberalism

Across dozens of religious and cultural values, the practice of abortion remains a highly contentious issue. Some beliefs, such as that of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam believe in the protection of the mother and permit abortion during extenuating circumstances. Others, like Catholicism, forbid it completely, regardless of the situation. These beliefs, as well as other factors, have immense influence over the policies that countries institute regarding abortion. For example, China possesses freely available


Brexit Will Be A Huge Setback For Women’s Rights And Gender Equality – Here’s How

While implications for mobility, trade and the economy constantly are at the center of discussions surrounding Brexit, few are aware of its impact on those who will be hit the hardest: women and minority groups. Research has shown that Brexit could be a disaster for women in the U.K., especially those who are poor or vulnerable. It is clear that Brexit poses a great threat to women and their rights, as it could be a


The Windrush Immigration Scandal, Explained

Thousands of people residing in the U.K., some for over 50 years, are now in danger of removal and deportation from the country they call home. The Windrush Generation is characterized by immigrants from the Caribbean, namely Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, who arrived in Britain any time between 1948 and 1971 in order to provide aid and more sets of working hands during the labor shortage of World War II. Like the dreamers residing in

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Tensions Are Rising in Romania and No One’s Talking About It

This week, on Tuesday morning, a state of disturbance appeared in Romania due to the new public wage law and the fiscal changes brought about as a result of this. The law was introduced despite the promises made by the ruling coalition that it would only have positive effects for the working population, leading to complaints from employees about how the new measure negatively impacted their income, asking the politicians to resolve the matter and the


Survivors Of British Terror Attacks Come Together To Help Others

The group Survivors Against Terror is a new organization which is made up of the survivors, families and loved ones of the numerous terror attacks that took place in England last year. They aim to lobby the Government to improve the support they provide for victims and on their counter-terrorism policies. Brendan Cox, who is the husband of Labour MP Jo Cox, who was killed, and Mike Haines, whose brother David was beheaded on camera


‘Brexit’ Will Be An Economic Disaster

A leaked ‘Brexit Report‘ spells financial disaster for the U.K., as national income figures will drop after Britain departs the E.U. While each percentage is dependent on the final deal, this recent analysis indicates an 8% decrease (if Britain leaves without a deal). If a ‘free trade agreement’ is reached, then figures could fall by 5%, and by 2% if a soft Brexit option is reached. The report concludes there is no option that will

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