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Preparation for the Royal Wedding Triggers an Attack on the Homeless

Recently all that has been talked about on the news and in the media is the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the impact of this highly anticipated day is wide-reaching. There have been calls from Simon Dudley, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead councilor, to prosecute or remove large numbers of homeless people in the Windsor area in anticipation of the royal wedding as the wedding will be taking


Three Bulgarian Counties Want to Be Annexed to Romania

Three counties belonging to northwestern Bulgaria want to organize a local referendum in order to gain independence from the country, Bulgarian TV station NOVA reports. The organizer of the referendum, Boris Kamenov, declared that after independence is obtained, the counties hope to be annexed to Romania. According to NOVA, locals of the Vidin, Vratsa and Montana counties want to rid the region of the high levels of corruption in Bulgaria. “The locals of the northwest


Knife Crime Is More Than A Postcode War

Within 24 hours of entering the New Year, there were 4 fatal stabbings across London. Incidents like this are not new to the city, but knife crime has admittedly been on an upward rise; in 2017, there were 80 fatal stabbings in London and a 24% rise in knife crimes from 2016-2017. It is easy to pore through heaps of numbers and reduce these lost lives to a mere statistic, but what is evident is that knife crime


The Number of Students in Hungary’s Universities Hits 20 Year Low

The number of students enrolled in Hungary’s higher education institutions has hit a 20 year low, reports. The economic news portal analyzed data collected by the Central Statistical Office, which shows that the number of students in higher education decreases by a few thousand every year. Today, 283,350 students attend higher education, which is almost 4,000 less than last year and over 100,000 less than the mid 2000’s. This number includes everyone enrolled, from higher


Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush: Romania’s Anti-Corruption System Is Dying

Corruption and Romania are two words that you’ll often hear in the same sentence. I know. I’ve grown up here and the only thing I’m certain about when it comes to this country is the fact that wherever you go, wherever you look, corruption will be lurking around the corner. But for a while, that’s all it was. Corruption was lurking, hiding in the shadows like in every second-world, post communist-era country—or any country, for


What Is Britain’s Relationship With Christianity?

It seems that with Christmas inundating us with sparkling lights and the pressure to perform good deeds, now is the perfect time to address a problem that has been developing in the U.K. since perhaps before the twenty-first century: Britain’s problem with religion. More than half of the population has no faith and the share of the population who say they are Church of England Christians has fallen to just 15 per cent, the lowest ever

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The Twelve Pubs of Christmas

In Ireland, there is a drinking tradition surrounding Christmas. The tradition is called the Twe’ve Pubs of Christmas. It occurs any night in the weeks building up to Christmas. It is a new thing in Ireland but it has caught on quickly. There are twelve rules, one per pub. The first rule is simple you must drink all of your drinks with your non-dominant hand. The second rule, which applies when you enter the second


May Turns A Blind Eye To Homelessness

Today marked the last PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) of 2017. PMQs has always been a chance to hold the Prime Minister accountable on the record for what they have or haven’t done. I’m not going to lie, it’s been embarrassing watching the current Prime Minister Theresa May pathetically dodge pretty much every question she’s handed.   Today, Theresa May performed some masterful (read: horrifying) question dodging as Labour MP Dr. Rosena Allin-Khan took to the stage


It’s Time For Switzerland To Stop Discriminating Against Foreigners

Dear Switzerland, Yes, you are incredibly wealthy and economically advanced. Your education system is incredible in a lot of ways. Your manners and social etiquette are almost flawless. Your food, though a bit bland, is enjoyable. You have financial stability and an amazingly low unemployment rate. But please hear me out as I offer my two cents to a problem I’ve noticed all my life growing up in your country. First of all, a large


Abortion Referendum In Ireland

Under Irish Law, a woman who seeks an abortion after rape can face a longer prison sentence than her rapist. I find this unfair because this is depriving a woman of her basic human rights. A woman should be in control of her body and she should have the right to do what she pleases to her body. Currently, it is illegal in Ireland to have an abortion unless it occurs as a result of a

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