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Yet Another Barrier Muslims Face

Recently, it has become obvious that Muslims in America face an increasingly large amount of discrimination and struggles. I am sure you have heard about the political side of this (Donald Trump, terrorism, violence). I am going to introduce a slightly different side, still related to general islamophobia and discrimination. This is a story about yet another unfair barrier Muslims face. Amaiya Zafar is a 15 year old Muslim girl living in America. Besides the

Feminism, International

Body Shaming in The Catholic Church

Written by Sophia Aldas Modesty is defined as a Behaviour, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency: by the Oxford dictionary. This term is often seen as a “”virtue”” and is quite used in our society to shame and condition women of all ages. Modesty is most of the time linked to religion. As a former catholic, I can tell you, being a women who fails to follow certain “rules” or parameters related


Mark Salling: Watch The Images You Post Online

Many of you might recognize Mark Salling from his role as Puck in the hit TV series “Glee”. Well let’s just say that he has done something quite ungleeful. He was arrested Tuesday under suspicion of possessing child pornography. The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force obtained a search warrant for Salling’s home and he is currently in police custody with a set bail.  This is still a developing story so not many details have


What’s Going on at the University of Missouri

The University of Missouri, aka Mizzou, has a background deeply rooted in racism. The University itself was founded in 1839 and slave labor was used to build its walls. One hundred and eleven years later, it’s first black student was admitted. Think about that for a second, it took Mizzou one hundred and eleven years just to open its doors to a student of color. That racial tone set in 1839 by the university is


The Reality of Sex Crimes Against Children

*Trigger Warnings: explicit accounts of child sexual abuse* Everyone is aware that horrible things do happen in this world. They occur everyday and we hear about them on the news. We gasp and then move on with our lives. But what happens when an extremely horrible thing happens to us? We become that story on the news. We are literally experiencing a tragedy. This article is different than any other article I have ever written.

International, Politics

Why You Aren’t “Pro-Life”

You’re afraid of terrorists. You won’t let refugees into our country because what if they’re terrorists? Some of them are children no older than ten, but they might be terrorists! You stop every Middle Eastern person at the airport just to be safe. Safe from what? Terrorists. But what about the terrorists that are already here? What about the potentially white, Christian terrorists?     They often go by the name of “pro-lifers”.     Recently, there has been extreme


The Impact of Social Media on Our Society

When people ask me what sparked my passion for human rights activism, I respond by telling them about how I went on Twitter one day towards the end of the summer before sophomore year, and was immediately bombarded with tweets and articles about the Ferguson protests and how the officer that shot Michael Brown was not being indicted. This kept me up at night, feeling immense anger towards the fact that Darren Wilson’s o nly


Xenophobic America

  On August 16th, 2015, republican presidential candidate frontrunner Donald Trump announced his immigration policy which included building a wall between the United States and Mexico. Obviously, this would make immigration more difficult to take place between the two countries, but is this what is best for America? Is this what we should do? Does this coincide with the principles the United States was founded on? The answer to all three of the previous questions


Gaza Uninhabitable by 2020?

Gaza once was once home to 1.8 million Palestinian residents, making it one of the most densely populated areas in the world. However the 2014 Israeli war on the Gaza strip forced half of a million of its residents to flee as the strip became partially desolated. In September 2015, the United Nations announced that the Gaza Strip could be uninhabitable in only 5 years. The root of Gaza’s troubles began at the Israeli economic


Your Favorite Celebrity Is Problematic

Everyone is problematic, no doubt about it. I am, you are, and your favorite celebrity is too.  That’s okay, because nobody’s perfect, and we are all progressing and educating ourselves on new topics every day. So, while it is okay to have a problematic fave, it isn’t okay to support your favorite celebrity’s problematic behavior. If it wasn’t okay to have a problematic favorite, there would be no one left to ‘favoritize’. Even some of

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