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Asian Women And Beauty

Written by Izy Hay Growing up in Malaysia, a small South-East Asian country where the three main races of people are Malay, Chinese and Indian, you can look around at any billboard on the sides of the highways or down the beauty aisles in pharmacies or grocery stores and you will see, glaring back at you, advertisements for skin whitening, skin brightening, skin lightening products.   East Asian looking women with seemingly luminescent skin and


Why Amber Rose is the Feminist Icon We All Need

Written by Mikayla Trece The alpha female of the Amber Rose Slut Walk LA and the Amber Rose Foundation is the feminist icon that we often disregard. According to her site “ is most interested in leveraging her massive social media platform and influence to advance the mission of her foundation.” considering she has over 7 million followers on Instagram, know that her voice isn’t so soft-spoken. Whether she’s taking care of Sebastian, twerking on Instagram


M.I.A’s Matahdatah Scroll 01 “Broader Than A Boarder”

Written by Daniel Navarrette’ Everyone has heard of M.I.A throughout the past few years. From her music video for Born Free, most famously known for blowing up ginger people, creating controversy and being taken down; or the time she flipped off the camera at the Super Bowl and it didn’t get censored in time. She is no newbie to not giving a damn and making her opinion known. Along with the traction from her first


The Lolita Concept

  Written by Olivia McGarth Don’t tell her to shut up with the tape torn off of your mouth. By the time she enters college, she has heard her fair share of cat-calls, glancing behind her as she walks, because she could’ve sworn she’d passed that same person twice. But while she is old enough to be stared at for far too long on the subway; she is still too young to make her own


Learn the Difference: Hispanic v. Spanish v. Latinx

Written by Sergio Pena Hispanic, Spanish, and Latinx are used to note the characteristics of particular groups of people yet they are used callously and interchangeably by many. An example of such interchangeable use of Hispanic, Spanish and Latinx can be seen in the popular Netflix original series, “Orange is the New Black”, in which the non-Hispanic/Spanish/Latinx characters typically address the Latinx and Hispanic characters as Spanish despite them not actually being Spanish. It is


Community College VS University

Written by Jenna Perry School is starting back up and with those of you entering your senior year of high school that means applying to college, if you haven’t begun to do so already. This means countless hours spent researching schools, writing essays for them, and filling out multiple applications. When applying to a school, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. What’s the housing like? Is there women’s only housing? Is


Hollywood, Transgender Boys Aren’t Girls

Written by Sara Durbin  Following the recent release of the trailer for the upcoming movie About Ray, there was an overwhelming number of mixed responses, ranging from excitement for such a potentially progressive film to disappointment and outrage—for quite justifiable reasons. The film depicts the struggles of a teenage transgender boy named Ray, who is played by Elle Fanning. While Fanning is a good actress and actually well-informed—she researched the role by conversing with transgender


Dear Writers, We Need Diversity

Written by Chelle M If you’re a cishet white american and you turn on the TV or pick up a book you will most likely find characters you can relate to immediately. I’m not talking about common tropes like “awkward new girl” but about race, nationality, sexuality, gender and more. Most American shows, movies and books lack diversity, and more important, good representation. What’s the point of having a foreign character if you’re just going to


Middle East Through Hollywood’s Eyes

  If you’re like me, a walking talking movie loving gal, then you would have probably invested a lot of your time into watching movies as you grew up, and even if you weren’t, you would still watch the latest box office number one because frankly, we all love movies. Movies are still frames that hold a plot and answer and a hero we all hold affection for – or in the case of Thor


Not Hispanic, Not Latinx

Written by Monse Arce Lately, especially if you follow twitter politics, you may have noticed a rise in the rejection of the terms “Hispanic” and “Latinx,” the latter of which was recently changed from “Latino/a” in order to be more gender neutral. However, this rejection of the terms has not quite reached it’s popularity peak, and this may have to do with a lack of understanding as to why these terms are being rejected.  

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