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This Is Why Women Are So Afraid to Speak Out

The Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford testimony has sparked countless debates, conversations and disagreements, each of them with the identical question at hand: Is Dr. Ford to be believed or not? As a result of the established inquiry, numerous amounts of people — celebrities included — have taken to Instagram and Twitter where they have been sharing their opinions on the matter, executing the hashtag #WeBelieveHer. Well-known stars of hit TV shows The Vampire Diaries and


Remembering Henrietta Lacks: Mother of Modern Medical Research

The story begins, like an outstanding amount of other legacies hidden in the roots of this country, with a black woman. The date is August 1, 1920, in Roanoke Virginia. A little girl named Loretta Pleasant is born. She ends up being raised by her grandfather in nearby Clover, Virginia. Loretta grows up, and in 1941, marries a Mr. David Lacks. Somewhere in between these lines, her name changes. Now Henrietta, she has five children

Express Yourself

How to Tell a Real Story through Photography

There are many photographers out there who have been capturing photos as they travel to various destinations around the world. Traveling and photography go hand in hand, and one cannot trek without taking pictures so that they can remember their visit to some of the most exotic parts of the world. However, it is the option of using such photos in a photography contest that proves to be exciting. This opportunity has given individuals a


Is the Israeli Prime Minister Afraid of Carpet Laundries?

In an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 27, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an Iranophobic speech, in which he accused Iran of having a “secret atomic warehouse,” alongside other allegations. To quote, “Today I’m revealing the site of a second facility: Iran’s secret atomic warehouse. It’s right here, in the Turkuzahbad Distrcit of Tehran. Just three miles away. Let me show you exactly what the secret atomic warehouse looks like. Here it


Is Jimmy Carter One Of The Weakest Former Presidents Of America?

From 1977 to 1981, Jimmy Carter served as the 39th president of the United States. During his presidency, he had a huge focus on human rights and even attempted to intertwine human rights with foreign policy. Even though his advocacy for civil liberties was well-liked among many, he proved to be a weak leader, putting the United States in economic and diplomatic turmoil. For instance, Carter admitted the Shah of Iran into the United States


Daily Dose Aspirin Is Not a Savior For the Aged

A daily dose of medication was widely regarded as a way to protect oneself from debilitating health deficiencies like cancer in the future.  However, a recent scientific study by ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) surprisingly reveals such unquestionable faith in low-dose aspirin to be unfounded, closer to a myth than to scientific fact. In retrospect, the long term use of aspirin may even be deleterious for healthy old people who have not

Real Life

The Google and Rookie Coding Project Every Teen Girl Needs to Know About

Google’s Made with Code, in partnership with Rookie, a publication founded by actress and fashionista Tavi Gevinson, and synonymous with female empowerment, will advance girls’ creativity and confidence through a new coding project launching in New York City on Sept. 24. If you’re not in New York don’t worry, they’ve partnered with YWCA, a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of women, peace and social justice for all, as well to expand the program to teen


The Bureaucratic Void of the Trump Presidency

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, a member of the National Security Council, was a virtually unheard of civil servant to the vast majority despite her instrumental role in crafting the Iran Nuclear Deal, a negotiation widely disparaged by the current administration. Yet, parallel to the ascent of the Trump administration, numerous devoted members of the federal bureaucracy, such as Nowrouzzadeh, have found themselves forced to abdicate prestigious positions earned through diligent loyalty to the American people, and shoved

Mental Health

It’s Time to Break the Somali Mental Health Stigma

Somalia is a nation with a rich history, a nation that births storytellers, writers, poets and nomads; a country so beautiful it was once known as the “white pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Like any other nation, we also have a history of war, pain and trauma. For centuries, the Somali community has reduced the mental health crisis to be the “disease of the devil.” Our trauma and pain started during the beginning of the


Here’s What Eric Reid’s Signing Means For the NFL

Eric Reid, the first NFL player to kneel with Colin Kaepernick, and in turn, become a free agent, finally got signed by the Carolina Panthers yesterday. The first time Eric Reid knelt was in 2016, when he decided to follow in Kaepernick’s footsteps and kneel as a calm protest for police brutality against African Americans. Although he knew his job was on the line, he still took a knee with his then-San Francisco 49er’s teammate,

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