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Brazil’s New President: A Premeditated Catastrophe

The fact that Jair Bolsonaro would make poor governmental decisions had never been news for anyone, but it certainly is impressive how much of damage he has caused in roughly a month of his presidency. It is hard to know where to start, and the sentiment of revolt amongst Brazilians is tangible on the corner of every street. It all started when he began to select the ministers of each area, choosing unfitting people left


Why This Women’s March Sign Means So Much to Women and Girls

The 2019 Women’s March was a controversial one. While the march was riddled with scandal, boycotts and accusations of antisemitism, there was one picture of a sign that caught the attention and stole the hearts of women all around the world. The viral photo features a man holding a sign with the phrase “She’s someone’s sister/mother/daughter/wife” crossed out so that only “She’s someone” remains. This simple gesture of crossing out the commonly used phrases of  “she’s someone’s


The Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Needs To Be Talked About

While we’re all enjoying 2019 with all our friends and families, people in Yemen are still struggling to survive against the war on their country. With its bombs and missiles, this war has brought immense fear to our lives. We live under constant threat, we are socially unstable, our chance of education is dead, and our country is politically insecure and economically broken. We are never free of anxiety. – Hadil Al-Senwi Hadil’s words are felt

Mental Health

We Need Control in Our Lives, and Here’s Why

Control refers to the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of event. Part of our fundamental human nature is the need to control our individual circumstances. Generally speaking, there are two different ways in which we can view the extent of personal control over our lives: internally and externally. People with an internal locus of control believe that they are in control of their own actions and decisions. They tend to

Real Life

The Truth About Period Syncing

For the past few months, I’ve noticed the start date of my period arriving closer and closer to that of my best friend. This month, we were only two days apart. At some point, we’ve all likely heard that women who spend a significant amount of time together will notice a “syncing up,” or alignment of, the times in which they get their periods. Maybe you’ve even experienced this a few times yourself. For those

Real Life

5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Everyday Items

A huge conversation in the media lately has been about the inevitable doom of climate change. And, it’s true. If we don’t shape up our act by 2030, we will reach irreversible climate change. The majority of the change that has to come in the next eleven years is up to governments around the world and large corporations, both of which majorly contribute to climate change and rising global temperatures. However, there are things that


Do Statistics Really Lie?

Statistics play a vital role in today’s society – they quantify our experiences and, in many cases, make these experiences more tangible for others. When one thinks of statistics, they may think of percentages: about 10 percent of people are left-handed, about 85 percent of American children believe in Santa, and about 59 percent of people don’t read the articles they share. However, statistics also involves whole numbers, decimals, and intervals; it involves life expectancy,


Consanguineous Marriages: A Cultural Crisis

From the Latin word consanguinitas, consanguinity is defined as ‘blood relation,’ as an another individual being descended from the same ancestor carrying some or a few similar genes. Accordingly, consanguineous marriages are a union between two individuals who are related; be it first or second cousins relating from the same progenitor when they look back into and carefully observe their family tree right from a few years ago. Theologically, according to Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married

Real Life

Heads Up Juniors: Tips to Help You Start Your College Search

Now that the second semester of high school is underway, it’s time to start dreading about the future. Although, the future doesn’t have to be so stressful! Determining what you want to do after high school is one of the biggest decisions of your lifetime. Whether you want to enter college, a trade, or the workforce, there are some big questions that are going to define your future. This may sound like a enormous task,


What Jussie Smollett’s Arrest and Bail Means For LGBTQ Victims of Assault

Falsifying claims of homophobic and racist actions can lead to grave consequences from those who regularly face persecution. On the morning of January 29th, actor Jussie Smollett was approached in Chicago by two people in ski masks who yelled racist, homophobic slurs at him, beat him, poured an unknown chemical (rumored to be bleach) over him, and even fastened a noose around his neck before fleeing the area. Smollett fought back, and once his assailants left he

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