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Here’s Why Straight Pride is Discriminatory

One single recent Facebook post about a planned “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston has caused massive internet backlash and spawned many arguments. Posted just in time for the beginning of June, which is LGBT+ Pride Month, the proposal is clearly a deliberate slap in the face to the LGBT+ community and its allies. Amid allegations that parade planners are linked to racist and anti-Semitic organizations, it’s important to take a look at the bigger picture.


It’s Pride Month, And Corporations Are Looking To Profit Off Of It

The words “life, healing, sunlight, nature, peace, harmony, spirit” have been plastered on Listerine bottles that are decorated with the original LGBTQ+ flag, alongside the phrase “Care with Pride” as the marketing campaign by the company for the month of pride. Though perhaps perceived as an approach to distributing support to the queer community by hetero/cis individuals, Listerine is merely evident of the annual LGBTQ+ capitalistic effort my corporations to profit off of queer peoples


Does Martin Luther King Jr.’s Alleged Hypocrisy Outweigh His Contribution To The Civil Rights Movement?

Despite Martin Luther King Jr.’s fight against discrimination in the 1960s, a current report stated that a secret FBI recording depicted the civil rights activist having an affair with 40 women and watching a pastor sexually assaulting another. Meant to be opened in 2027, the tapes were disclosed—holding recordings from King’s hotel rooms in the 1960s. The bugs were situated in the rooms because King’s aide, Stanley Levison, was accused of being a Communist. According


Political Gatekeeping In The LGBTQ+ Community

Recently, the New York LGBT Center canceled an event that would give voices to right-wing LGBT individuals after the public put together many petitions, as well as made the center aware of the beliefs and values many of these individuals held. One such Youtuber targetted was Blaire White, a transgender conservative female who is very open about her political values such as her support for Donald Trump. She is one of the first transgender celebrity figures to openly identify with such values, and by being open about them, she...


Being A Transgender Student In 2019: Compromise of Government and LGBT Community

The moves that my school has made provides a starting point for discussions about transgender students, and the unique issues we face when approaching college. While I am forever grateful to be able to avoid being deadnamed in my school system, I can’t help but feel as if a plan must be put into place providing school systems with the proper limits, boundaries, and resources to create an environment that’ll allow us to succeed like our peers. Performing at the best possible level is the only thing a student...


US Army’s Tweet Reveals the Horrifying Reality of Military Service

This Memorial Day weekend the US Army issued a tweet asking followers, “How has serving impacted you?.” What followed was thousands of replies from service members and their friends and family, many detailing stories of PTSD, suicide, substance abuse, disabilities and sexual assault. My children's father used his military leave to periodically return to town to try to kill me and cause other havoc. He was never held accountable. One time he took our son


Making Abortion Free Works: The Netherlands

Abortion is an issue at the forefront of American debate. The two prevailing arguments being pro-life and pro-choice, with pro-life supporters believing that a woman should never be able to have an abortion– even in the circumstances of rape, incest and health risks. Politicians who are pro-life are creating bills which express these beliefs. Multiple states such as Kentucky and Georgia have passed bills that ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, around six

Real Life

Ways To Deal With Student Stress And Burnout

If you walk down the halls of any high school across the country, you’ll notice a common theme– students are tired. Tired from a lack of sleep, tired from the stress of school, tired in general. It’s so easy to tie your worth to your grades, get lost in the machine of the American education system, and lose yourself in the process. It’s no surprise that students are stressed– they have been told ever since


What You Can Do to Fight Anti-Abortion Legislation

Lately, the news has been inundated by the anti-abortion laws that are being passed in several states across the United States. Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio all passed “heartbeat bills” that make abortions after six to eight weeks a crime. Utah and Arkansas both voted to limit abortions to the middle of the second trimester. The worst of them, perhaps, is Alabama’s intensely restrictive bill. The bill, which has been signed by Governor Kay


The Nazis were in Chile and Germany is Just Now Paying

Germany has agreed to pay $11,000 in compensation to victims of the Chilean commune Colonia Dignidad founded by former Nazi soldier Paul Schafer in 1961. South America was a haven for former Nazi soldiers with Chile estimated to have accepted 500 and 1,000 Nazi soldiers. Many of these Nazis were never held accountable and tried for their actions, dying in South American countries that protected them.  Colonia Dignidad was a colony set up in southern

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