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What We Need To Remember This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and everyone is surely excited for the upcoming four-day weekend, stuffing ourselves with food and spending time with friends and family. This holiday, celebrated every November, is a commemoration of the arrival of the pilgrims in the New World during 1621 and their historic, peaceful celebration with the Native Americans. But is it really? Though we associate Thanksgiving with a literal buffet of wholesome festivities and concepts, there are

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Three Unexpected Lessons Learned From Traveling Alone

Going on a trip by yourself for the very first time can be daunting – and sometimes that fear and that wonder do not dissipate even after you’ve gone on what seems like hundreds of excursions. There are a lot of skills that one can gain from traveling independently, such as time management, communication, and budgeting, but this does not compare to what you learn while you travel. You might learn about the beauty of

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How to Celebrate the Holidays With a Dysfunctional Family

What should be one of the most ‘wonderful times of the year’ can be times of heartache and resentment when your family has a hard time coming together. Whether it be sibling rivalries, jealous aunts, or bitter divorces, the joy of holidays can be stripped away by the hate in the hearts of family members. The holidays should be a time of love, but instead, life happens. It may seem like this is an uncommon


Can People With Opposing Political Views Be Friends?

The recent midterm elections had a record-breaking voter turnout and sparked many heated discussions among communities around the country. At times when people are so passionate about politics, it is common for people to make generalizing assumptions about those with political ideologies that are different from them. We start to view them through a lens, and we are closed off to them. But let’s say you meet someone who is kind, shares similar interests with


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Her Avante-Garde Political Transparency

“I am the people I work for,” tweeted Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, garnering over 16,000 retweets and more than 109,000 likes. My dad died when I was 18, my mom scrubbed toilets + drove drove schoolbuses, I bartended to help her, and still won a Congressional primary at 28. I’ll take my family over a fat bank account any day, and my experience makes me a better legislator. I am the people I work for.

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The Two Kinds of Firefighters Battling California’s Fires You Should Know About

California is on fire. The state has been ravaged by wildfires and the death toll has risen while people’s homes were lost. Thousands of people have left their neighborhoods, yet some people choose to stay. Some people choose to look for those who are missing in the rubble, choose to stop the fires overtaking homes. These people are firefighters. One group of firefighters at work in California are inmates. About 1,500 prisoners joined the California Department of

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Interview: Matt Hollis, Dedicated to Saving the Environment Through Company, Elytus

With brands like Starbucks taking initiative to decrease plastic use, many companies are finally making the transition to more environmentally friendly models; however, change can happen even in our own homes. Elytus is a company dedicated to helping brands like Whole Foods, Red Robin and Cinemark reduce their waste footprint and increase sustainability. I sat down with President Matt Hollis to get first-hand suggestions on how to do more for the environment. How’d you first

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You Don’t Need to Go Vegan to Save the World

A month has already passed since the U.N. announced that we have 12 years left to prevent climate change catastrophes around the world. If we don’t start acting now, countries will be under water, and heat and poverty as well as everything that comes with these will be prevalent in our lifetime. As many of you might have heard by now, everyone going vegan could make a massive impact in reducing greenhouse gases and saving


Why Tax Cuts Benefit America

Tax cuts have been a controversial topic between Republicans and Democrats for decades on end, with much debate being over its effects on the economy and each class. With Trump’s tax bill passed a little less than a year ago, this debate has heightened. However, despite the fact that the economy is flourishing, critics continue to argue against the tax bill and tax cuts in general, believing that they have done more harm than good.


Shonda Rhimes, Dove & The Girl Collective: Supporting the Next Generation of Empowered Girls

Last month, TV giant Shonda Rhimes (best known for producing Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal), teamed with the Dove Self Esteem fund, to launch a new campaign: the Girl Collective. Focused on body positivity and confidence, the initiative aims to address the drastic numbers about negative self image, that are the reality for many young women. 8 in 10 girls refrain from participating in important activities because of low self-esteem.  Statistics like this should simply not have

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