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US Airstrikes Killed More Civilians Than The Pentagon Admits

From its liberal use of torture, the implementation of PRISM, a mass surveillance program used on American civilians, to rising counts of employee sexual harassment, the US military has never failed to remain at the centre of controversy. However, one recent story seems to have fallen out of the headlines before it even had the chance to appear in them. A report released by Amnesty International last month shed light on the shadowy claims made by


Sri Lanka Under Attack Due To Consecutive Massive Bombings

It was almost 10 years after Sri Lanka, the Paradise Island -as it is often addressed was over with its civil war, earned the title of the ‘Best Country’ in the world to travel in 2019 by Lonely Planet. This South-Asian island was chosen for the top spot in the guidebook publisher’s annual Best in Travel Awards as a result of its better and improved transport facilities, new-attractive hotels and a flourishing number of interesting

Real Life

Your Ethical Living Isn’t Very Ethical

Every decision you make affects other people around the world and in the future. Every product, down to the food you ate at lunch or the shirt you bought last weekend, has a price that is not listed on its tag. No matter how conscious your decisions are, your actions still have a long-lasting ripple effect. Ethical living, also known as “green living,” is a lifestyle in which one’s carbon footprint is reduced by means


That Social Justice Account You Follow Might Be A Russian Troll

(Disclaimer: The following information is what has been made public in the redacted Mueller Report –– not all information pertaining to this topic has been released yet. The report can be viewed here).  Before, during and after the 2016 presidential election, a massive effort was made by Russia to sway American public opinion in favor of Mr Trump. The Russians targeted Americans via various social media sites, organized political rallies and protests, and in some


Unpacking The White Savior Complex

The white savior complex refers to the idea in which a white person attempts to “rescue” or help a person of color from their own situation. Though they think that they are doing the right thing, white people going out of their way to insert themselves into the lives of POC is doing more harm than good. This trope appears in many films such as The Help, Greenbook and Hidden Figures. The white savior trope


How Carlos Ghosn’s Arrest Exposes Corporate Money Hunger

Just recently, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, was arrested and charged with “falsifying financial reports in under-reporting his compensation, and with breach of trust in having Nissan shoulder investment losses and making payments to a Saudi business,” according to AP News. He was released on bail, only to be arrested again just a few days ago. His prospects are looking dim, as the French government is currently ignoring his pleas for help. This scandal has shaken


Why Colonials Needs to Be Taken Into Account in Notre Dame’s Rebuilding

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire on Monday. Fortunately, due to the church being under renovation, multiple artifacts had been removed from the site and placed in the Louvre museum.  The over-800-year-old church is guessed to have burnt down from the center of the roof, and the damage is so intense that even $1 billion dollars raised from France’s billionaires may not help. However, President Emmanuel Macron has called for the cathedral to be


Donald Trump’s Ambush On Rep. Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar garnered remarkable support in the state election for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in 2016. She was later applauded by the public when joining U.S. House of Representatives in 2018, leaving her in the history books for monumental firsts. Most notably, she became one of the first two Muslim-American women elected to Congress. She represented diversity in the political community, which made a push for her appeal. But among this support, Omar has persistently faced


Why Cis People Should Make Their Pronouns Known

The beginning of my email signature reads like this: I am cisgender. I have never had anyone question my femininity when looking at me or my name. I have never been called by the wrong pronouns, yet still include my own in my emails and just about every one of my social media accounts, as well as announce them in every possible way when meeting new people. What are personal pronouns? The hyperlink in my


Those Living in Poverty Should Not be Held Accountable for the Environment

There has been evident progress regarding the environmental movement in the United States. Initiated in the 1960s, this modern initiative has been ingrained into society and has spurred debate over issues such as climate change, veganism, etc. Inherently, this movement is most prominent in more affluent communities. Unequivocally, it is quite difficult to be within the reigns of poverty and extensively contribute to the global urge to “Go Green!” in a world that does little

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