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The Problem With Volunteerism

The summer holidays are fast approaching which means in a couple of months affluent teens will be packing their bags and heading to third world countries to volunteer for the summer. While it is admirable that students are dedicating their time and money into helping the less fortunate, many problems occur with volunteering. >Although intentions may be good, volunteering in third world countries often perpetuates the “White saviour complex”. The idea that only the West


The Problems With PETA

  No matter who you are, whether you identify as a vegan or World’s Greatest Carnivore, you’ve probably seen a PETA advertisement at some point in your lifetime. PETA is a nonprofit organization that speaks for animals’ rights and denounces animal cruelty. In their mission statement, PETA claims they focus their attention on “the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory


Do LGBTQ TV Character Deaths Reflect Of Society’s Attitude?

  In the few years, there have been many deaths of LGBTQ characters in television series. In the case of an example like Supernatural woman Charlie Bradbury, you might brush it off, saying “well, all characters die eventually in that show”, or some other excuse. However, this isn’t a one off thing… in fact it, appears to be a pattern. It started with Maya St. Germain from Pretty Little Liars. At the end of season


THE 100: Progressive Turned Problematic

When the CW’s The 100—a TV show loosely based on the books of the same name by Kass Morgan—began in 2014, fans of the books and people interested in the show were excited. Not only did it have an interesting futuristic plot that set itself apart from the repetitive dystopias we’ve been fed for the past few years, but the racial diversity in the main cast was fabulous in comparison to other shows targeted for


The Race to Change TV: Why Diversity in Pop Culture Matters

Written by Maya Durham New York City. It’s one of the most diverse cities in the world, yet the cast of Friends seemed to live in an all white world. Friends is typical of mainstream television programs, which rarely feature people of color. According to a video by Buzzfeed, which analyzed a “brief history of television,” the most popular shows over the past 60 years have featured 45 Caucasian people, and two people of color.


Recent Reproductive Rights Stories You Might Have Missed.

  1.     Donald Trump’s stance on abortion. A lot of republicans are pro-life. That’s not news. What’s interesting about Donald Trump is that he actually answered a question many pro-lifers tend to tiptoe around when questioned about abortion. In an interview on March 30th he asserted that he believes abortion should be illegal, and suggested that women who seek abortions should be punished by the legal system. Of course, if abortion were to be made illegal,


An Open Letter To Cat Callers

  Dear Catcallers, Did you know that I was eleven the first time I encountered you? I was downtown in leggings and a sweatshirt from the local high school. I came home and cried because I didn’t know what had happened. The second time was a few months later. I was walking downtown to watch the fireworks on the steps of the Old Capitol building, with two friends and my older sister. Two of you


Equal Play, Equal Pay

Written by Zoe Allen Someone please tell me how it is 2016 and women are still getting paid less than men for doing more than men. For playing a required twenty friendly games a year, the United States women’s national soccer team can earn a minimum of $72,000 dollars a year, and, due to bonuses, could potentially earn around 100,000 dollars. Men, for partaking in the exact same procedures, can earn up to 260,000 dollars.


We Care About The West – But What About The Rest?

On the morning of 22nd March, the world was shaken by the news of a coordinated terror attack in Brussels, targeting the airport and Maalbeek metro station. 32 victims and 3 suicide bombers were killed, and over 300 people were injured. Social media was flooded with advice for those in Brussels or those with family and friends there, as well as an outpouring of sympathy from high-profile figures and the public alike. The hashtag #JeSuisBruxelles


The Presidential Candidates’ Stances on Climate Change Written by Mahnoor Imran For years, there has been a perpetual debate on whether the existence of climate change is legitimate or a fallacy. Climate patterns play a fundamental role in influencing natural ecosystems along with the human economies and cultures that are dependent upon them. Currently, levels of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases are escalating and it is posing serious problems for the globe; increasing sea levels, melting snow and ice, periods

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