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Understanding My White Privilege As a White-Passing Mixed Girl

Written by Mikayla Baldwin  White Privilege exists among cultures world-wide, as many groups favor those with lighter skin. What is White Privilege? To some of the white people living in poverty, and even those dwelling in the 1%, this may seem like fantasy. Some think that since there is white people living in poor conditions that the concept is a myth but this privilege spans along all socioeconomic statuses. As explained by Wikipedia,White Privilege or White Skin Privilege is the


Why Everyone Should Vote

Written by Gage Tarlton  In 2008, only 62.3 percent of the people eligible showed up to put their voices to action by voting in the Obama vs. McCain election. In 2012, that number dropped to a whopping 57.5 percent. In other words, a little less than half of eligible Americans are not turning up to vote.! Imagine if all of the people that were eligible showed up to vote in the 2008 election. The outcome


Sex: The Taboo Subject

Sex. What does the word mean to you? It carries a different weight to each of us. The mere mention of the word makes some of us shudder, and for some, it makes them uncomfortable. Some of us live in a state of hypersexuality. To use the cliché, everyone is different. This post is not going to consist of me talking about the action of sex itself, in fact, there isn’t going to be anything


7 Reasons Why Andrew Jackson Needs To Be Removed From The 20 Dollar bill

Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States of America, has rested comfortably on the twenty dollar bill ever since his face was chosen to replace Grover Cleveland in 1928. However, the campaign Womenon20s wants to change this. The Department of the Treasury finally came out and said they planned to put a woman on the $20 dollar bill, this idea gained nation attention. There are two, large catches to their promise, the treasury is not


African-Americans Have To Work Harder

Written by Asia Tidmore “Now, your a black man working in America now the stereotype is already on you” I heard my mother tell my little brother after getting his first job. She was right, the stereotype that African Americans are lazy and uneducated follows African Americans everywhere like a lingering black cloud. African Americans are stereotyped so much that I have seen Black Americans work little ten times harder so they can eradicate the


I’m Not Like Other Girls:Internalized Misogyny

Written by Ava From birth, girls are taught what the “ideal” girl should be. Don’t wear too revealing clothes, but not too modest either. Don’t sleep with too many guys, but don’t be a virgin. Don’t wear too much makeup, but don’t wear none at all. Don’t be too loud or swear too much. You must fit the Eurocentric, whitewashed beauty standards. All these things and more being forced upon girls creates a vicious pattern

Mental Health

Pink Is For Girls!

Written by Sami Reeves Society generally loves to put us into categories. Dumb and smart, young and old, beautiful and ugly and so forth. The worst part of it is that we let ourselves conform to it. Gender is one of those categories, while we’re lead to believe that gender roles are completely biological, they truly aren’t. Gender roles are sets of socially constructed norms determining the way you act whether you’re male or female sex wise,


My First Time

Written by Alejandra Mejia My first time was on the back of a bright yellow school bus, early evening. My usual bus buddy wasn’t there so I was assigned to sit with someone else, I didn’t mind. I can remember her cute pigtails perfectly tied up and her pale blue eyes looked gorgeous in the lighting. I thought to myself how lucky I was to be sitting next to such a pretty girl. I was


“Woke” TV

Written by Petra Chiabs As I write this, the crushing sense of finality sinks in as schedules arrive and the back-to-school sales start to roll in. As the summer of 2015 comes to an end, I would like to use the last of my relatively free time to binge-watch as much as humanly possible. Television hasn’t been a fun excursion lately. By becoming socially aware, many of us are quick to realize the problems in


All About Non-binary Youth

Between Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner and Miley Cyrus launching the Happy Hippie Foundation, the world has had the opportunity to view gender in a different light. In a society that is notoriously stubborn to fully accept people who aren’t straight and cisgendered, those who do not identify with gender in “conventional” ways have been more willing to speak up about their personal experiences and struggles, in the hope of raising awareness and promoting acceptance. Teaching others about gender

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