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Selective Activism

Written by Ravyen Monroe  My friend and I had a falling out recently –one thing we had in common was the fact that we loved activism. Fighting for others’ (and our) struggles was a big part of our friendship, that’s what drew me into her. You could regularly find us talking about how it’s unfair that women have to be complacent to be respected or how police brutality against African-Americans needs to be put to


Reclaiming Life As A Transperson

For transgender people, there are either one life or two lives to be lived. The first life could be when one conforms to their assigned gender — whether or not they are happy is unknown, but hopefully, they are fine with their decision; the second life is when a person accepts who they are, accepts that they cannot change their past, and choose to move forward in order to become the person who they think


Ferguson: What It Meant To Me

Written by Teresa Brickey  I grew up in a home where there was no such thing as “racial superiority.”  I was repeatedly told that I was no better than anyone else, and vice versa. We were all equal and all worthy of being loved. In fact, I do not remember an instance of ever feeling superior because of my race. I didn’t even feel that there were differences based on race. For all I knew,


Why I Became A Intersectional Feminist

If you were to ask me five months ago if I considered myself to be a feminist, I would’ve screamed from the top of my lungs “YES”! However, fast-forward to now, and the response would be very different. In fact, I now denounce using the term “feminism” solely and I now firmly consider myself to be a strong proponent of intersectionality. Therefore, I am an intersectional feminist. Born being both a woman and a person


Fear In Faith

Written by Sabrina Ponce Our Generation has grown up in a society where the majority is right and everyone who doesn’t agree with them are seen as freaks or are wrong. The U.S allows everyone to practice religion freely, but we all know that society does not always comply with this law. There are over 300 religions and denominations practiced in the U.S, Being a country based off the Christian Faith, The majority are of


Black Face In Fashion

Written by Laura Van Kleef Blackface has been something circulating the modeling and fashion industry for many years, but has only recently been scrutinized – mainly on social media and other online platforms. For those who aren’t aware, Blackface is “the makeup used by a nonblack performer playing a black role” according to Google, as there is yet to be an official definition on Blackface from any credible dictionary sources. The result of Blackface is


A is for Abstinence

“Don’t have sex, because you WILL get pregnant…and die.” As hilarious as this ridiculous line from beloved teen comedy ‘Mean Girls’ is, the sad reality is it’s not too far what is actually being taught in some Sex Ed classrooms. Only 22 states in the entire US actually require students to take a Sexual Education course, and out of those states, the amount of school districts providing useful information on safe sex, STIs, and contraception


Africa Feeds The World

Africa is the second largest continent in the world, it’s a beautiful continent that is very rich in natural resources. Unfortunately, its natural resources are stolen, in return Africa is branded poor by the West. The people in the West have the mentality that without their aid or support to Africa, the people of Africa wouldn’t survive. Dr. E. Obiri Addo, an Anthropology professor at Drew University once said, “Africa feeds the world, but the

Asia, International

Asian Women And Beauty

Written by Izy Hay Growing up in Malaysia, a small South-East Asian country where the three main races of people are Malay, Chinese and Indian, you can look around at any billboard on the sides of the highways or down the beauty aisles in pharmacies or grocery stores and you will see, glaring back at you, advertisements for skin whitening, skin brightening, skin lightening products.   East Asian looking women with seemingly luminescent skin and


Living A Happy, Closeted Life

Written by Cheyenne Burns  Growing up, my parents were strict and conservative. They had always told my siblings and I, “Being gay is wrong, the natural thing is a man and a woman”. They would always tell us being with the same sex was evil, so I believed them. When I was nine, I had moved to Washington, where I met a girl named, let’s call her Denise. Denise and I were the best of

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