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Body Shaming

n today’s world, we have all heard phrases similar to “he’s so skinny” or “she would be so much prettier if she wasn’t fat”. These phrases and social standards are what would be referred to as body shaming. The common belief that people in a society should look a certain way comes strongly from the media. Due to these standards and high expectations, many teens and young adults find themselves inadequate, or not socially acceptable. These insecurities


What To Do When Someone Derails Your Feminism

We’ve all been there: you’re dropping feminist knowledge left and right when some ignorant person chimes in with “there are children starving in Africa how dare you talk about like it’s REAL OPPRESSION”. It totally derails your rant right before you get to the grand finale, where you take your top off and free the nipple in the middle of the cafeteria. But, have no fear, I’m about to equip you



On September 11, 2001, the world for Muslims changed forever. After this tragic day, Muslims have all been branded as “terrorists”. Terrorism is “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” Many say this word without knowing the pain that comes along with it. Who wants to be labeled as a violent extremist? I was 1 year old when the 9/11 attacks happened. Now, at 15, I decided to ask my parents what happened


2015 Trend Alert: Mental Illnesses.

It seems that our society has developed a new fixation with mental illnesses. This may not be all that surprising given all the tragedy and violence that is happening in the world, but as someone who has lived through the decade of all things social media, I have concluded that most teenagers are heavily fixated with the idea of mental illnesses. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we are all mentally ill, but rather infatuated with

Mental Health

I’m Autistic, but Autism Speaks will Never Speak for Me

Ableism is a part of society and government now. No matter how many laws and documents are in place, there will always be a prejudice against something people with disabilities cannot control. A good, and deeply discussed, example would be the autistic charity organization, Autism Speaks. Autism is a mental disorder that effects the corpus callosum (affects communications between both hemispheres of the brain), amygdala (affects emotion and social behavior), and cerebellum (affects motor activity,


Cultural Identity

Maybe it was easier when we were younger to turn a blind eye to the blatant issues of our cultures. It was easy to pretend to not see the way boys were favoured, the misogyny and various other problematic aspects of our “traditions.” Because that way if we saw something we didn’t like we pretended it didn’t happen so we didn’t oppose it. We were warned of cousins, aunties, distant relatives who defied the status quo,


Why It’s Hard For Me To Talk About My Bisexuality

September 20-26 is Bisexuality Awareness Week. I have contemplated coming out as bisexual on the 26th, the last day of B.A.W, and my birthday, (because there’s no greater gift than acceptance) but have ultimately decided not to. I don’t know when I will, but I’m just not ready. It took me long enough to come to grips with my own sexuality as it is. A part of me has always known, but I feel like


Why Caitlyn Jenner is Not a Trans Icon

Transgender, by definition, is when a trans person identifies with the opposite gender that fits into the gender binary than they were assigned at birth. It can also qualify as an umbrella term for nonbinary and genderqueer folk. White privilege, by definition, consists of societal, governmental, economic, and political privileges that benefit white people beyond what is commonly experienced by people of color. Caitlyn Jenner is a societal sensation, dominating the media with the controversy


Living a Life in Hiding

I am the child of undocumented Mexican immigrants. Ever since I was younger I always knew something was wrong, something I couldn’t put my finger on because I was too young to understand what was going on around me. As the oldest of three children I was the first to realize that my parents were different from other parents. They were living in hiding. They lived a life of isolation. My situation came with a lot of


A Brief History On Patriarchy and Misogyny

Before civilization, humans lived in small bands of foragers. It is believed that their diets consisted mainly of plants. These early humans would have collected fruits, roots, seeds, and any other edible plant parts.  Anthropologist speculate that their lifestyles are similar to those of modern foragers today and if they are correct, then it was mainly the women that did the food gathering. Men spent their time hunting and painting. It is in these early

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