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Dear Men: Women Don’t Wear Makeup For You

Written by Liz Lopez All women can agree that being a woman is tough work. We constantly feel the need to look immaculate and often times the pressure is coming from others. Women are constantly bombarded by ridiculous and conflicting ideal beauty standards by the media and our peers. Surprisingly, makeup is a contentious topic among men. Public opinion among men shows that men believe that women wear makeup for the sole purpose to look


Where Are The Women Superheroes?

As I always am, I was excited for the next Marvel movie, Ant-man.  I was less than excited for the fact that the movie yet again was led by another male superhero. Marvel, along with DC Comics, have yet to release a female led superhero movie. With Marvel’s Captain Marvel set to release in 2018, and DC Comic’s Wonder Woman set to release in 2017, it seems that we still have a while to wait.


If You’re Considering Voting Blue, This Is Who’s Who

Written by Maci Hill Senators, business executives, doctors, governors, and even a former First Lady are just some of the candidates who make up this year’s wide, varied presidential playing field, all having different priorities and levels of experience in government. With such a multitude of candidates already vying for the White House so early on in the campaign season, choosing the best possible person to vote for can seem almost dizzying, especially for first-time

Mental Health

Was It My Fault?

I’m terrified to go to college; it isn’t about the jitters or fear of isolation from family, or the evitable idea of not fitting in. It’s the fear of being raped, and the media scrutinizing me, while convincing the world that I deserved it–because I was at a party, or I had too much to drink, or I simply wore clothes that were deemed inappropriate. This is rape culture, the idea that victims were “asking

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