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Trump Administration Erases LGBT+ People From 2020 Census

By March 29, 2017

The Trump Administration has submitted the list of data categories the Census and American Community Survey (ACS)...

  • International

    Fear In Faith

    By December 5, 2015

    Written by Sabrina Ponce Our Generation has grown up in a society where the majority is...

  • Race

    Black Face In Fashion

    By December 5, 2015

    Written by Laura Van Kleef Blackface has been something circulating the modeling and fashion industry for...

  • Sex-ED

    A is for Abstinence

    By December 5, 2015

    “Don’t have sex, because you WILL get pregnant…and die.” As hilarious as this ridiculous line from...


    Africa Feeds The World

    By December 5, 2015

    Africa is the second largest continent in the world, it’s a beautiful continent that is very...

  • Asia

    Asian Women And Beauty

    By December 5, 2015

    Written by Izy Hay Growing up in Malaysia, a small South-East Asian country where the three...

  • LGBT+

    Living A Happy, Closeted Life

    By December 5, 2015

    Written by Cheyenne Burns  Growing up, my parents were strict and conservative. They had always told...

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