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Mental Illness Isn’t a Costume

Halloween is a fairly awful time for anyone who doesn’t appreciate culturally insensitive costumes that target marginalized groups of people. You’ve seen it: the blackface, sexy geisha, Indian princess, Caitlyn Jenner, and so much more. However, I recently found a costume so problematic that even I didn’t see it coming: Anna Rexia. That’s right. Some costume company thought it would be soooo clever to make a pun out of anorexia. Not to mention the fact


Día de los Muertos and Gringos

Sugar skulls are popping up everywhere. Target, Walgreens, Party City. Cartoon Sugar skulls are skulls with flowers for eyes adorn socks and plastic skeleton mariachi bands decorate front­porches. “Sexy” skeleton costumes complete with cheap flower crowns and colorful face paint dominate the market for both adults and children. Capitalism meets appropriation. A culturally significant and deeply religious holiday is reduced to a vapid trend. Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in English,


Sexist Halloween Costumes

From sexy nurses to sexy potatoes, women’s halloween costumes are becoming grossly oversexualized, even for children of young ages. While I personally have no problem with the way women choose to dress, something must be said about the costumes made available to them. If you look at costumes available for young boys, they are seemingly accurate depictions of the animal or character they are intended to be. However if you look at costumes marketed towards


Staying Safe This Halloween

Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year. Thousands of children flood the streets going door to door asking for candy and maybe even a scare. Teens throw huge costume themed parties and go to local haunted houses. Adults decorate their houses and tend to take the festivities to extreme. Many people neglect to realize that along with all this excitement, comes quite a bit of danger. Let’s focus on having fun and


Why You Should Read Half the Sky

  “There are over 100 million women in the world missing today,” whether it is through the sex trade, kidnapping and abduction, or just being unaccounted for. Through reading the nonfiction journalist piece, Half the Sky, I really became aware of why feminism is truly needed around the world. Written by two Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, Nicholas D. Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn, Half the Sky follows the couple around the world and recounts the tragic


Hurricane Patricia: Strongest Hurricane On Record

Powerful. Intense. Destructive. Fast. Hurricane Patricia is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western hemisphere. Two days ago, Patricia was a tropical storm. Today, she’s a category five hurricane.     Weakened slightly but sill immensely powerful, the storm touched down in southwestern Mexico only hours ago. Depending on which source you find the most reliable, the death toll varies, but it seems safe to say that it’s still a low number, but for how much longer can


Acceptance, Appreciation and Appropriation

I was born on the 17th of February, at 2 in the afternoon. Just over four pounds, lungs strong as steel, and more importantly, healthy. Apart from some reluctancy to feed, I was taken home as soon as possible, to two older siblings. I was named and that was practically my introduction to the world. Raised in an area where the majority were Asian, there was no escape from my culture. Women in saris walked through


A Recap of Last Night’s Democratic Debate

Last night was the first Democratic debate between the five top possible candidates; Martin O’Malley, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb. The debate was on CNN and the moderator was Anderson Cooper. The debate covered multiple different topics and all of the candidates had ideas that were not the same. This means that it is very important to look into each candidate and find out which one matches your policies the best!


The Truth Behind Christopher Columbus Day

It is next to impossible to find someone who is from the United States of America and does not know who Christopher Columbus is. Starting in elementary school, children are taught about the man who “found” America. Personally, I find it all to be quite disturbing that this type of brainwashing is occurring. Not only is this information inaccurate, there are a ton of facts that students are not taught about Columbus and why he


Halloween Reminder: Cultures Are Not Costumes

Written by Sami Reeves Now I know I’m not the only one thrilled for Halloween since it is roughly a week away. But, Halloween is not only a time for sweets and scary movies, it is also a time for cultural appropriation. People of color must dread this night. Regardless of whether your costume was picked out with innocent intentions out of ignorance of our world’s deeply rooted racism or not, your costume still reinforces harmful stereotypes

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