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Do Muslim Feminists Exist?

It’s a never-ending topic of discussion, the topic of Muslim women and our struggle for “liberation.” Certain “white feminists” use us as a way to showcase the importance of feminism, while Islamophobes use us to fuel their hatred toward Muslims; neither group stopping to think or consider the feelings of actual Muslim women. If we’re being honest here, neither group truly cares for the safety or wellbeing of Muslim women; it’s all a tactic to


Women in Saudi Arabia

Saudi feminist activist, Lujain Al Hathloul, wreaked havoc earlier this year after challenging the ban on women driving in Saudi, by driving all the way from the UAE into Saudi Arabian boarders. Although, to no avail, she was detained for 73 days, and had her car confiscated. The issue of women’s driving in Saudi Arabia is only the shallow beginning to the deep unjust and ever ignored issues that Saudi women face on a daily


Asexual People Aren’t Invisible

Written by Batrishia Anaqah There is stillness in the atmosphere tonight. The air smells of candy corn, melted chocolate, and spare change stuck at the bottom of the bag by pre-chewed gum. It’s not even sunset but the kids are already running around, albeit a little more bored than they’re willing to admit to; their candy bags are never full because they’re already sneaking some on the way to the next house. This year, I’m dressing


School Shootings: An Epidemic of The 21st Century

October 1, 2015. Umpqua Community College, Oregon. 10 killed, 7 injured. Eight days later, Northern Arizona University. 1 killed, 3 injured. Two school shootings over the course of 1-2 weeks, with a total of 11 lives lost, and 10 lives who will be completely altered, with a horrific memory forever embedded into their minds. School shootings, a topic that was never once thought about, is now sweeping the nation. As a high school student, many


Hate in 140 Characters or Less

On November 1, 2015, Affinity Magazine published an article I wrote entitled “Counterculture is the New Black.” I wrote this article about a certain superiority complex that seems to surround teenage fans of bands like Nirvana and Fleetwood Mac. It was meant to be a satirical piece, analyzing this pretentious attitude kids who proclaim these bands as “indie” seem to have. It was an issue that personally annoyed me, and when I get annoyed, I write.


Why It’s Important to be Pro-Hoe This Halloween

The sexualization of women’s Halloween costumes isn’t a new concept, and I’m sure almost all of you are familiar with it. Last year, in the midst of the Ebola outbreak, the “Sexy Ebola Containment Nurse” costume turned some heads, and this year there isn’t a costume in the book that hasn’t been made sexy in some way, shape, or form. On Amazon alone, you can buy a sexy Red Riding Hood costume, be a sexy

Mental Health

Mental Illness Isn’t a Costume

Halloween is a fairly awful time for anyone who doesn’t appreciate culturally insensitive costumes that target marginalized groups of people. You’ve seen it: the blackface, sexy geisha, Indian princess, Caitlyn Jenner, and so much more. However, I recently found a costume so problematic that even I didn’t see it coming: Anna Rexia. That’s right. Some costume company thought it would be soooo clever to make a pun out of anorexia. Not to mention the fact


Día de los Muertos and Gringos

Sugar skulls are popping up everywhere. Target, Walgreens, Party City. Cartoon Sugar skulls are skulls with flowers for eyes adorn socks and plastic skeleton mariachi bands decorate front­porches. “Sexy” skeleton costumes complete with cheap flower crowns and colorful face paint dominate the market for both adults and children. Capitalism meets appropriation. A culturally significant and deeply religious holiday is reduced to a vapid trend. Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in English,


Sexist Halloween Costumes

From sexy nurses to sexy potatoes, women’s halloween costumes are becoming grossly oversexualized, even for children of young ages. While I personally have no problem with the way women choose to dress, something must be said about the costumes made available to them. If you look at costumes available for young boys, they are seemingly accurate depictions of the animal or character they are intended to be. However if you look at costumes marketed towards


Staying Safe This Halloween

Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year. Thousands of children flood the streets going door to door asking for candy and maybe even a scare. Teens throw huge costume themed parties and go to local haunted houses. Adults decorate their houses and tend to take the festivities to extreme. Many people neglect to realize that along with all this excitement, comes quite a bit of danger. Let’s focus on having fun and

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