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Attention White Gays: Stop Using Queerness as a Band-Aid

When you use a bandage, you are trying to cover up a wound. The bandage isn’t the healing agent; it conceals the injury until it fades away. Likewise, when white gay people use the fact that they are gay to make up for their shortcomings (such as biases and privileges) as a white individual, they are just putting band-aids on bullet holes rather than getting to the root of the problem. Unfortunately, this problem won’t

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What is ‘Proper English’?: A Brief History On AAVE and It’s Usage

Today, Africans are in many places around the world. Outside of Africa, the countries with the highest population of Africans are Brazil, the United States, Colombia, Jamaica, and Haiti. Sadly, a lot of this movement was involuntary. Due to slavery and the Triangular Slave Trade, Africans have a long history of being treated as items and a commodity instead of human beings. A lot of history has been caused to be lost because when Africans


Students Are Not Superhuman: A (Short) List of Things Teachers Need To Stop Doing

I’ve only been in school for four weeks, and I am already ready for summer. I thought we were supposed to love school and love learning? Sadly, it seems our education system needs a reminder that students are human and not a source of income. Without further adieu, here’s my list of things teachers need to stop doing. Assigning an hour of homework a night. I am in all honors and AP classes, so my teachers

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