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What You Can Do to Fight Anti-Abortion Legislation

Lately, the news has been inundated by the anti-abortion laws that are being passed in several states across the United States. Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio all passed “heartbeat bills” that make abortions after six to eight weeks a crime. Utah and Arkansas both voted to limit abortions to the middle of the second trimester. The worst of them, perhaps, is Alabama’s intensely restrictive bill. The bill, which has been signed by Governor Kay


Abstinence, Abortion Rates & America’s Disastrous Sex Education

Incomplete sex education programs don’t always lead to pregnancy or abortion. However, research shows these factors are highly correlated. In light of recent legislation passed in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri to essentially ban abortions and place harsh restrictions on women seeking to terminate their pregnancy, it is worth paying attention to the context that led us here. How our country’s conservative attitude towards sex and positive views of religion and family relates to the education

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Ireland’s Progressive Movement Towards Liberalism

Across dozens of religious and cultural values, the practice of abortion remains a highly contentious issue. Some beliefs, such as that of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam believe in the protection of the mother and permit abortion during extenuating circumstances. Others, like Catholicism, forbid it completely, regardless of the situation. These beliefs, as well as other factors, have immense influence over the policies that countries institute regarding abortion. For example, China possesses freely available


A Look At Italy’s New Minister For Family

Italy, after months of crisis and changes of mind, finally managed to create a new government on June 1, when the new Prime Minister, together with the different Ministers making up the governing body, swore loyalty to the Constitution and the Republic. While there have been several elements about these elections that destabilized Italians, seeing the list of Ministers was perhaps the most shocking one. Lorenzo Fontana is the new Minister for Family and Disability. This man,


Ireland is Finally Voting For Abortion Rights

This morning, 25th of May, ballots in Ireland finally opened, giving the country a chance to change its controversial abortion laws once and for all. The referendum will last for the whole day, until 10pm, and around 3.2 million people are registered to vote; 100.000 extra people have been added ahead of the vote. Ireland’s legislation on termination of pregnancies have been defined as some of the strictest in the developed world. These are ruled by the Eight Amendment, which has


Women Are Wearing Their Abortion Stories In This Exhibition To Demolish the Stigma

Abortion has always been a taboo topic of conversation, especially in recent years where people have very strong pro-choice or pro-life opinions. In an exhibition, “My Body, My Life”, which was originally part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, is set to open on the 7th November in Oxford. Created by Lesley Hoggart, from Open University and Imogen Goold, a professor of law at Oxford University. In the exhibition, women are wearing the stories of their


Congress Will Hear a Bill Banning Most Abortions

The House of Representatives will hold a hearing November 1st on a piece of legislation that would ban all abortions after the fetus’ “heartbeat” is detectable. This could ban abortions as soon as six weeks into a pregnancy – before most women even know they are pregnant. Rep. Steven King (R-IA) introduced H.R. 490, Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017, this past January. Under this bill, physicians who perform abortions with or without determining whether the fetus


Salvadoran Teen Rape Victim Receives 30 Years in Prison for Death of Her Stillborn Baby

A judge in a Salvadoran court sentenced 19-year-old Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez Cruz to three decades in prison for aggravated homicide after Hernandez gave birth to a stillborn child in April of 2016. The judge justified the ruling on the basis that Hernandez, a woman that according to The Guardian is “from a small rural community in Cuscatlán” in El Salvador, did not seek proper antenatal care, causing her to have a stillbirth in her third


A Scientific Breakdown of Abortion With Pie Charts

Since Theresa May has decided, in a power hungry moment of insanity, to attempt to form a coalition with the DUP, people (myself included) have been discussing abortions. Northern Ireland (where the DUP is from) has a worrying history with abortions, given that women from Northern Ireland spend hundreds of pounds traveling to England to access safe ones. Obviously, this means that only women with money/help from charity can access a safe abortion. The DUP


DUPed out of a Decent Future? The Controversy Surrounding the Potential DUP/Tory Government

The recent UK general election results were, as usual, a little bit of a shock. Firstly, despite a very popular campaign by the Labour Party, fronted by Jeremy Corbyn, and their popularity increase by almost 10% of the vote share, they failed to get majority. The Conservative Party, who were ahead by only 2.4% of vote share, were given over 50 seats more than Labour, due to our First Past The Post voting system hyper-representing the party

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