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What To Do When a Loved One Has an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are difficult to manage. For some sufferers, especially atypical sufferers, the illness can be almost invisible. As a consequence, this undercover illness then has time to manifest and worsen while hidden away from public view. Sufferers often express almost innocent statements, speaking about losing weight and being healthy can almost blend in with the current fitness epidemic. It can be easy, not only for friends and partners but even for medical professionals to dismiss sufferers

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5 Back to Uni Tips to Avoid Burning Out

When you dedicate your life to hard work, self-care can start to feel like laziness. If your primary drive for working hard is anxiety, like me, it can be difficult to stop thinking about the tasks you need to complete during your so-called “free time.” With college and university starting up again, it might be time to refresh the way you learn and study during this semester. This short list aims to introduce you to

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YouTuber Lindsay Demeola Gives Us Advice on Oversharing, Fake Friends and Online Hate

You might know Lindsay from her social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube where she talks about Mental Health, shows her beautiful puppies and shares her everyday thoughts. To talk about a topic related to the online culture and this “persona” a lot of people are creating nowadays to showcase the best version of themselves they can, I had to interview a person who knows the “online industry” we are living in now from


Should We Question The College Status-Quo?

College or university may not be as universal of an experience nowadays as it used to be a decade ago due to the development and the immense unimaginable leap of the internet and the opportunities it has brought our way, but it remains to be a milestone held with high regard and, let’s not forget, a massive business enterprise. Going to college was my so-called “dream” for as long as I could remember. Growing up

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Don’t Be Angry At Yourself For Feeling Certain Ways

We, as human beings, tend to be way too hard on ourselves. Everyone has different opinions, everyone responds to events differently, and everyone expresses their emotions and feelings differently. It’s okay — we’re all human. There is no “normal way” to handle any situation. Everyone processes and copes differently. You will disagree with people, and they will disagree with you, and that’s okay. The worst thing you can do is be angry at yourself for feeling

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A Reminder to Be Anybody You Want to Be

Being a kid is pretty tough in today’s society. So much pressure is put on teenagers every day between juggling school, relationships, working and attempting to fit in, teens are constantly stressed out. It seems as if we live in a society where we care more about what others think of us more than our happiness and that should NOT be the case. When you’re growing up, you’re in the process of finding yourself. Although

Mental Health

4 Simple Steps To Help Cope During An Anxiety Attack

Anxiety disorders come in many different forms. There’s generalised anxiety (which is suffered by about 3.1 % of the US population), OCD, panic disorder, PTSD and a whole range of phobias. For some, anxiety is part of who they are. For me, in some ways that is true. My anxiety is a large part of my work-ethic, my decision-making and how I conduct myself socially. But sadly it also plays a dangerous part in my

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College Freshman Guide

As the school year nears to an end, senior high school students feel the pressure of college nearing closer. There is long break in between the end of high school senior year and the beginning of you first college year, so take your time to have fun and relax. Do not worry about your first day of college during the break, it will only make it worst. College sound scary, but if you think about

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5 Vegan Travel Tips

Just over a year ago I decided to make a big change in my life and go vegan. A vegan is someone who does not consume any animal products. I cut out meat, dairy, eggs, seafood, etcetera from my diet all at once. Of course it was hard for me to adapt in the beginning, but after about a month or two I found that being vegan was a piece of cake (vegan cake of

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