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Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Among Women Drops Significantly

Donald Trump’s presidency has developed a wide range of obvious love and hate relationships with the American people. After the 2016 election and during the presidential debates, Trump swore to “make America great again.” This and the 45th president’s initial call to give the power back to the American people has been prominently expressed earlier on in many of Mr. Trump’s campaign speeches over the duration of last year’s election. His promises helped to successfully


Seven Important Names To Know In Trump’s Cabinet

With the President and his Cabinet dominating most American news coverage, it’s difficult to keep track of who’s who. It is important, however, to know some names in Washington, even if they haven’t achieved a major legislative goal almost a year into the presidency. These are the people in Trump’s cabinet who’ve had the most media coverage around their position. Vice President: Mike Pence The former Governor of Indiana, Pence is somewhat of a token


Trump’s New Pick for USDA Chief Scientist Is a Climate Change Skeptic and a Believer of the Birther Conspiracy

Recently, Donald Trump nominated a new chief scientist for the United States Department of Agriculture, also known as the USDA. There is one small problem; he isn’t an actual scientist. Sam Clovis is a conservative radio talk show host who thinks that marriage equality leads to pedophilia, and doesn’t believe in climate change. Although he does have experience in the military and politics, Clovis has a lack of experience in agriculture and science. In an


It’s Time To Stop Ignoring Child Marriage in the U.S.

At the age of eleven, most children across the country are entering sixth grade, having first crushes, going to the movies by themselves for the first time, or going to their first school dances. When Sherry Johnson turned eleven years old, she was being married off to her 20-year-old rapist. Johnson, after being raped four times by a member of her church resulting in impregnation, was forced into a marriage by her family and church


No Right To ‘Bare Arms’ For Women In Congress

For some reason, as deemed in professional establishments all across the country, women wearing businesslike attire that reveals exposed shoulders are “unacceptable,” “distracting,”, or, as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan describes, a disagreement to “the core principles of proper parliamentary practice that are so essential to maintaining order and deliberacy” in the House of Representatives. Despite increasing temperatures in Washington D.C., professional attire that adapts to the warm weather is resulting in the denial


Biden’s American Possibilities PAC

Former Vice President Joe Biden is a popular politician amongst the Democratic party and he has just announced his decision to launch a political action committee. He has established the “American Possibilities PAC” and has chosen Greg Schultz to help him lead the organization. The creation of this PAC has led to speculations regarding Biden choosing to run for the presidency in 2020. Many democrats had high hopes for Biden in the 2016 election but


How the Trump Administration Has Created “The Era of the Unknown” In Journalism

With all the talk of fake news and name calling of officials, Donald Trump has become the most controversial, obscene and upfront president in American history. The fact that he has isolated certain news networks and completely ignored advice from his aides shows how abrasive he is. He doesn’t seem to listen anyone else but himself, which is quite unheard of for a president. Trump’s split-second decision making has changed the way journalism works and


Trump Against Landowners: Will There be Lawsuits?

As we all know, President Trump has been bragging even since the start of the elections about the “great” wall he desires to build. This wall will supposedly, as Trump has stated, be built by Mexico itself. The barrier poses to be constructed along the border in order to stop illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. Some support, as some would disagree with the plan. Quite specifically, the ones whose private properties will be interfered


Trying on the Actions of a White Man While Black: Trump’s Hypocritical Golfing Habits

Time is dragging it’s feet. Purposely resisting the instinctive ease it normally chooses to run by not because it feels idle, but because the world must understand the destructive, careless mistake letting an unqualified child become the President of the United States was. We are only 82 days and counting into Trump’s presidency. But according to The New York Times, in between all of the hard work that would obviously keep him away from vacationing


Neil Gorsuch Confirmation Hearings: What We Know So Far

Supreme court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch has been in his senate confirmation hearings since this Monday, and in the past days, we have learned almost nothing of Gorsuch’s intentions or views. Throughout his questioning, he artfully dodged answering the questions asked and often told lighthearted fun filled anecdotes about his life rather than discussing constitutional law. Republicans in the senate are very eager to push through the hearings and confirm Gorsuch as a supreme court justice

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