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Sahar Tabar (digitally manipulated version)

The Internet Lies About Sahar Tabar

Modern day internet does not like to keep quiet. Every now and then, it needs something to go viral, be it a long forgotten issue or an illegal jailing from the past decade to protest against. And sometimes, it doesn’t even care if the thing that’s going viral is true in its essence or not, it just does its thing. Over the past few weeks, the internet has been freaking out over the “Iranian girl


Filipino Actress, Isabella Daza’s Post of Insensitivity (Thanks to Privilege)

Filipino actress and singer, Isabelle Daza was recently called out by fans and more after posting a racist and offensive caption on one of her pictures on Instagram story. The image features a mirror selfie of the actress, whilst vacationing in Africa, wearing a floppy hat with the caption,”Buy this hat for my Africa looks? r FEED children in Africa for the same price? What would Angelina Jolie do?!”, along with some racially diverse emojis.

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