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Nathan Law: From Student Protester to Lawmaker

In 2014, Nathan Law partook as one of the famed student protesters during Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, ignited by a student’s desire for universal suffrage—to be able to vote for the highest position in Hong Kong, the Chief Executive. The protesters occupied major streets in Hong Kong for 79 days; they were pepper sprayed, tear-gassed and some were even beaten. Two years later, Nathan Law is the city’s youngest lawmaker at 23, sparking a new breed of


Asia – A US President’s Concern?

With the 2016 US Presidential Election right around the corner, it’s time we remind ourselves the extent of influence the US has on the rest of the world. As a superpower, the US has been a global leader to which many countries still look to for guidance and takes on the responsibility for more than just one nation’s people. Some examples include aiding to put an end to the conflict in Syria and leading the global economy. Such is

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Just Because I Don’t Do STEM, Doesn’t Mean I Am Stupid

Just over three years ago, the Philippines implemented their new K to 12 program, which is basically the same program that all countries follow except for Angola and Djibouti. With this new program, students are given a choice to choose from the Academic, Sports, Arts and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood tracks; however, some Philippines schools only offer the Academic track. This track has four strands underneath it: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM); Humanities


Bidding Goodbye: Remembering the Iron Lady of Asia

“I eat death threats for breakfast.” A phrase coined by one of Asia’s toughest and most renowned politicians, her whole life, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was seemingly invincible. However, after four years of battling lung cancer, Asia’s Iron Lady passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 71, on 8:52am of September 29th. Dr. Miriam Defensor-Santiago was an orator, author, lawyer, judge, senator, and overall considered one of the most seasoned and recognized politicians, not only


Why Being Dark-Skinned is Still a Burden in Indian Culture

My mother thinks she’s the ugliest amongst her three sisters. Because they are the smooth colour of peeled almonds; my mother’s shade is that of the almond’s skin. Nutty. Brown. Dark. You’d think it was a curse word – dark. A symbol of crudeness that brings shame in the mirror. It’s the mock-soft expression of an Indian auntie gazing at you on the bus. “Poor girl, look at her complexion. Who will marry her?” It’s the rows

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I Failed To Get Into College The First Time And It’s The Best Thing That Ever Happened

When you live in academic-oriented and exam-oriented society like Hong Kong, getting into college (or university as they call it here) is seen as your first ticket to success. Grades and academic scores on your report cards are glorified and worshiped as a symbol of being one of the best students. Here, exams are a battlefield. Your pen or pencil is your gun, your eraser is your shield and your exam paper is the enemy.

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Piers Morgan, India Deserves to Celebrate

The Olympic Games have always been a global celebration of athleticism and every country enters with a different motive. Whether it be to secure the most medals, showcase their best athletes on a global scale, bring prominence to their country, or even to escape the tensions back home and allow the Games to be a temporary refreshing shade. Every country is different and all the athletes come from varied upbringing and development in their specific


Hidilyn Diaz: Olympic Medal Drought Ender

  Hidilyn Diaz is the first of her name. After 20 years, a Philippine flag has been raised during an awarding ceremony again. It’s all thanks to Diaz, who carries the pride of being the Philippines’ 20 year Olympic medal drought ender. But that’s not all of her achievements. Diaz, who is now a household name back in the country has also made history during her feat in the Rio Olympics. Besides being the first to bag an



With more than 60,000 views for their “Have You Eaten” piece, a video portraying the relationship between female Asian-American millennials and their first-generation immigrant mothers, SAD ASIAN GIRLS CLUB is established by an Asian-American duo that is fighting to break the culture of passivity and silence of Asians. 1) What is the SAD ASIAN GIRLS CULB? Graphic Designers, Oliva Park and Esther Fan had a vision: to make work for and about Asian women living in Western

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The Martial Law Misconceptions of Filipino Millennials: It’s Time To Open Our Eyes

I have to admit: before making the effort to delve into the depths of Philippine Martial Law history available to us via multiple platforms (books, movies, the internet), I was one of the sadly mistaken millennials who fell for the Marcos loyalist propaganda on my Facebook timeline. In light of recent events, I’ve began to realize how truly important it  is to have a uniform educational standard for each Filipino citizen—the fact that we had

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