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The Philippines Has a New President, Is Change Finally Coming?

  He made a joke about gang rape. He said he will slaughter all criminals. He called the Pope, “the son of a whore”. He openly talks about his sex life and is a proud womanizer. It’s no wonder that people would wonder what the heck are Filipinos thinking in electing this person as their new president? Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte, the 71-year-old Mayor of Davao city has been elected in the country’s highest position, winning by a

Congresswoman of the First District of Bataan
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Making History: The Philippines’ First Trans Politician

While every corner of the internet has seen discussion regarding the upcoming presidential elections of the United States, another national election on the other side of the world is coming to a close. The Philippines, home to a good 102 million people, now await the final results of the much-publicized race. In addition to electing the new president, vice-president, and senate members, citizens also cast their votes for their local representatives, such as mayor, vice-mayor,


How Teens Are Calling For More Asian Representation On Twitter

  May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! This started in the late 70s, only being celebrated during the first week of May, but was expanded to a whole month. It is meant to celebrate AsAm/PaAm diverse histories, cultures, and communities in Asia, but especially in relation to United States and Canada. With growing news of whitewashing in Hollywood to racism to hate crimes, it seems like despite being the largest region in

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