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#MeToo Sparks Up Overdue Conversation On Sexual Assault

Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. This rising statistic doesn’t come close to accounting for the countries in which sexual assault is even more common, and little is done about it. This statistic doesn’t account for place after place in this world where sexual assault is still an issue that isn’t talked about. This statistic doesn’t shed light on the many cases that aren’t reported, aren’t talked about, and are kept hidden out


Dear Men, Women Care More About Their Lives Than Your False Sense of Entitlement

As a girl or woman, wondering if you are about to be assaulted or killed when approached by a boy or man are not exaggerations. As young girls, women are taught to evade their “fates”. We are taught not to dress too scantily, to not walk alone at night, to not leave our drinks unattended, to not go to the restroom alone, to leave abusive relationships and more. The conversation is conducted by family members, teachers,


The Female Body Paradox

I am a beautifully disgusting paradox. I am a bouquet of fresh farmer’s market irises and a gaping wound ripped open by the hands of men. I am fresh linen and old, hidden blood. I am pulsing and alive and silent. I want to scream but there are foreign hands in my mouth. I am trapped in my body. I dated a boy in high school who was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, the

Real Life

Chris Brown is Not the Victim

On August 30th, 2016, at approximately 11:52AM PST, Christopher “Chris” Maurice Brown was contended with a standoff with law enforcement when Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT team was convoked to Brown’s California homestead following a purported altercation with another woman involving a weapon. Allegedly, she had arrived at Brown’s household unsolicited alongside an otherwise welcome guest, thus prompting an argument between herself and Brown. He became infuriated and physical, threatening her with a gun. Initially,

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