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We Shouldn’t Ignore That Trump Recently Signed a Bill To Nullify Obama-Era Gun Control Regulation

Back in February, Donald Trump quietly signed a bill to reverse gun control regulations established by Barack Obama that restricted mentally ill people from obtaining guns easily; a fact that, in the wake of the deadly shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday, should not be overlooked. The Obama-era rule instituted that people who received Social Security checks for mental illnesses and those who are considered unfit to handle their own finances were added to the


The Donald Trump Method: Belittling Opponents in Substitution for Argument and Credibility

From the initial stages of his campaign to his office in the White House, Donald Trump has facilitated no shortage of controversy over his usage of name-calling and insults when responding to his opponents and critics. The tactic is not particularly new as it is simply more blunt; it is best akin to the mudslinging campaigns that presidential candidates have used for more than 200 years to attack their competition with degrading slogans, rumors and


Repealing Obamacare: Trump’s Most Recent Failure

The American Senate has once again voted on the future of Obamacare: with a majority of 51 to 49, they rejected the partial repeal the Republican party has been pushing for the last seven years. Their “solution” for Obamacare, dubbed the “skinny repeal”, would’ve scaled back some of the more controversial provisions such as the requirement for individuals to have a health insurance or face a fine. However, some naysayers of the repeal such as


The Future of Multiracial America

Racial identity in this country has been a historically controversial and confusing topic. From the beginning of colonialism in North America to the present, multiracial people have made up significant numbers within the population of the country. Today, in the year 2017, the number of Americans identifying as one or more races totals over 9 million. So why has the option of legally identifying as more than one race only been available since 2000? Why


Critics of Trump-Inspired ‘Julius Caesar’ Have Missed the Point

President Trump and Julius Caesar, ancient Roman politician additionally infamous for the Shakespearean play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, have an undeniable resemblance. The Public Theater in New York has seen and highlighted these similarities, stirring up controversy for their interpretation. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar romanticizes the actual events of the downfall of the Roman democracy and the dictatorship of Julius Caesar, who regulated autocratic rule in the civilization and appealed to the Roman


Sessions Spoke With Russian Officials During Campaign

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, met with Russian Diplomats in Washington last year during the 2016 election and is currently under fire for not disclosing those interactions in his Senate confirmation hearing, according to a story first reported by the Washington Post. On Wednesday Night, Sessions issued a statement: “I never met with any Russian officials to discuss issues of the Campaign.” However, the Department of Justice acknowledged on Wednesday that the two instances where Sessions


An Analysis of Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech

January 20th commemorated a momentous event. Every four years on January 20th in the United States, a new President is formally admitted into their position. However, this marked one of the most divisive and controversial elections fresh in people’s minds. “Hillary Clinton amassed nearly 66 million votes against Trump—the largest total ever for a losing candidate.” Though there has been known cases where the popular vote has exceeded that of the electoral votes, Trump has also brought questionable


As His Last Presidential Act, Obama Cuts Short 300+ Prison Sentences

Before hell officially freezes over at noon on January 20, our guardian angel has done one more good deed. Barack Obama spent most of his final days as president commuting the sentences of 330 inmates convicted of drug-related crimes. This new batch brings President Obama’s total number of commutations up to 1,715 in his eight years, more than the past 13 presidents combined and the most of any U.S. President. Of the 1,700+, 568 were inmates who were


Oscar López Rivera’s Freedom: History and Justice Have Finally Been Made

On Jan. 17, 2017, with just three days left to his presidency, the United States president Barack Obama made history by commuting the sentence of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera. Today, after years of peaceful protests, and support from political leaders, Nobel Prize winners, and celebrities, Puerto Ricans got their voices heard. Oscar López Rivera was imprisoned on May 29, 1981 after being convicted for “seditious conspiracy” for plotting against the U.S. He had also


Dear America, You Were Never Great to Begin With

Every presidential candidate is known for having a saying that basically sums up their entire belief system to the public. For Barack Obama, it was “Yes We Can” – a saying that meant unifying a country and not being overcast with doubt. For Dwight Eisenhower, it was “Peace and Prosperity” – urging American citizens to strive for a peaceful country after the end of the Korean War. One of the more well-known slogans to come

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