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Ben & Jerry’s Releases Anti-Trump Flavored Ice Cream

It seems that the current climate has pushed companies to appeal to the masses like never before by taking political stands. Big industries such as Microsoft have even become political by stating they will protect their undocumented & DREAMer employees. More and more companies are taking risks to appeal to the liberal market, including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. B&J’s has been teasing their new flavors for hours until they went live at 10 AM on Oct. 30th.


Ben & Jerry’s Supports #BlackLivesMatter and You Should Too

Yesterday, Ben & Jerry’s issued a statement expressing their support of the Black Lives Matter movement. In the midst of an ongoing epidemic of violence against black people at the hands of police, both supporters and opponents of the movement have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter to convey their views on the subject. The opposition has taken the form of a countermovement known as “All Lives Matter,” advocated by (primarily white) people who

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