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Tanzania’s Presidents Tells Citizens To Throw Away All Forms of Birth Control

Last Sunday, September 9th, Tanzania’s President John Magufuli was speaking at a public rally in Meatu when he said: “I see no reason to control births in Tanzania”. He then continued to explain that because education is now free, women could “throw away their contraceptives”. This is very surprising since the country has such high levels of HIV and other STDs. Magufuli, who started off his presidency strong and loved by the people has now

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Male Birth Control To Be Tested in 2018

A new type of male birth control is set to be tested in 2018. More than 400 couples in six countries will participate in a clinical trial that will test a gel contraceptive. The men will rub the gel that contains synthetic hormones in their armpits and on their shoulders once a day. Researchers will track the gel’s effectiveness as the hormones build up in the men’s bodies. Last year, a similar clinical trial was


Planned Parenthood Petition Needs Your Help Fighting Trump

Planned Parenthood’s  petition needs 10,000 more signatures before December 5th to fight President Trump’s attack on birth control, according to a text sent out by Planned Parenthood on December 1st. In October, the Trump Administration rolled back on a rule put into effect during Obama’s presidency, which required most employers to provide their workers with contraception coverage. The Department of Health and Human Services, Treasury and Labor made it easier for employers to refuse their employees


It’s Okay To Use Birth Control For — You Guessed It — Birth Control

It’s that time again when those of us who use birth control are being told we should be denied access to this basic daily dose of medication and safety. As many of you already know, earlier this month 45 decided that employers should be able to deny contraceptive coverage in their employees’ insurance if it goes against their beliefs. I know I know, we’re still fighting even in 2017. Millions of people use birth control


Trump Administration Guts Obamacare Contraception Mandate

On Friday, the Trump Administration made the decision to gut the Affordable Care Act contraception mandate, which allows access to birth control through employer insurance at no out-of-pocket cost. The mandate saved women $1.4 billion in 2013 alone. While it does not get rid of the mandate altogether, the new rule, set to take place immediately, does create a huge loophole, allowing any employer to refuse to cover contraception, as long as they cite religious

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No, Science Isn’t Unaffected By Society

It’s a popularly held belief that science is pure, logical, and uninfluenced by society. Arguments and misunderstandings on the internet often start with accusations of being unscientific. This has become increasingly relevant after the circulation of fake scientific “proof” that chromosomes are equated to sex/gender from a video by Bill Nye. Alt-Right transphobes circulated an image of Bill Nye allegedly saying “Gender is decided by your chromosomes”. It has been proven that this is NOT what he


What You Need to Know About Reproductive Coercion

  Domestic violence is often discussed, but generally physical abuse takes the forefront. There are so many different kinds of domestic abuse, and it’s important to know both the signs, and what they are. Abusers often use isolation tactics, so victims think that what’s happening to them, happens to them only, or that they deserve this treatment. Reproductive coercion is a horrific form of domestic violence, that occurs more often than you would think. Reproductive


Everything You Need to Know About IUDs

Safe sex should be every young person’s first thought when deciding to get physical with someone, whether you’re hooking up with someone that you met two hours ago at party (hey, no shame), or are about to christen your new bed with your boyfriend of three years. For us ladies who enjoy being intimate with guys, the nuances of birth control methods and possibility (even if seemingly incomprehensible) of pregnancy are frequently at the forefront of our


IUDs May Be the Most Reliable Form of Contraception to Outlast Trump’s Presidency

Ever since Trump vowed to appoint pro-life Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe v. Wade in a presidential debate, I have been wondering what a Trump presidency would mean for women’s reproductive healthcare. The GOP has historically been against abortion and has recently been open about defunding Planned Parenthood because of this. Combined with Trump’s pro-life agenda, his threats to toss the ACA could very well make certain forms of affordable contraception difficult to obtain


Donald Trump, Sex Ed, and the Future of Affordable Birth Control

I cried at the gynecologist. I never cry. Not when I fractured my ankle, not when my dad was in the hospital for a month, not even at my friend’s funeral. I never cry because I tell myself it is easier to be numb. But today I could not force myself to be numb. Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt the cold metal arm touch my cervix. A year ago, I’m not

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