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Stop Spreading the Idea That Bisexuality Is Transphobic

In the past few years, it has become more and more common for people to come out as pansexual. According to Marshall Cavendish’s book Sex and Society, “Pansexuality is an orientation that specifically rejects the notion of two genders and indeed of specific sexual orientations.” Since this term has only started to become more known recently, many people do not understand what the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality is, since in both cases the individuals


Why the Bisexual Struggle Is More Nuanced Than You Might Think

I am bisexual. I have been for quite some time now. It’s a strange thing to be, as people tend to assume that you’re gay AND straight, have a finger in both pies, a foot in each pool. Disclaimer: it’s not like that at all. When you’re bisexual you’re neither gay nor straight. You’re bisexual. Saying “gay or straight”/having such a binary makes it easier for people to digest who you are/what your sexuality is. For


The Seeds Of A Revolution: Remembering Stonewall This Pride Month

As we reach the halfway point of Pride Month and continue the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in our country and around the world, it is important to remember the heroes who history has bulldozed over who have helped us reach the point in our struggle for equality that we are at today. The Stonewall riots of the 1960s marked a major milestone in LGBTQ+ community’s fight for equal rights, but unfortunately the minorities who excelled


An Interview With Shyam Konnur About Living The Activist Life

Shyam Konnur, a famous figure based in India for his active contributions to the LGBTQ+; not only an activist but a role model for people going through tough changes when accepting their sexuality or sexual preferences especially considering the region of the world they are situated in, their family virtues and religious upbringings. Shyam agreed to answer a few questions in order to spread awareness about how pride and commitment can bring about the sort of


How Coming Out To My Mom Helped Me Accept Myself

It started out with a letter. I was a terrified, Christian teen coming to terms with my sexuality. For around a year now, I have known that I am a biromantic asexual. “Biromantic asexuals seek romantic relationships for a variety of reasons including companionship, affection, and intimacy, but they are not sexually attracted to their romantic partners.” I have always loved the Lord, but my religion has taught me that being LGBT+ is a sin.


Yes, Gay Animals Exist

Did you know that over 450 animal species exhibit homosexual behavior? Did you also know that none of them experience discrimination from their species due to their homosexual behavior? Yet only in our species, homo sapiens, exists the monstrous and vile issue of homophobia. This discrimination is completely unnecessary, because homosexuality and bisexuality are actually found in nature. The bonobo is an African ape closely related to our species; 75% of its sexual relations are


Take Time To Know Your Sexuality

co-written by Verónica Dávila, Tobe Obiaya and Mikayla Bruendl   I’m bicurious…Should I kiss a girl to find out if I’m actually bisexual? Before discussing bisexuality, sexual orientations, and the self-analysis both entail, the term “bicurious” must be defined. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines the word as “characterized by an openness to, or curiosity about, having sexual relations with a person whose sex differs from that of one’s usual sexual partners”. Usually, this term is


Three Solid Reasons to Watch Shadowhunters

Since the clock struck twelve and 2017 is upon us, it’s time for vacation to end, school to start, but more importantly- the winter premiere of our favorite television shows. Shadowhunters is a TV adaption from Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments” series. Originally the were planned to be adapted into a box office movies, but after one, the rest were cancelled as a TV show was green lighted. With a new cast, Shadowhunters season one


If You Support LGBT+ Rights, Don’t Donate to The Salvation Army

It is the holidays, a time when we are encouraged to spread compassion and generosity among others in our community. Christmas shopping is often a stressful experience for customers, so when greeted at the store entrance by a Salvation Army bell ringer it seems like a quick and convenient way to do one’s share of giving for the holiday season. This  organization has impacted several lives, but it is important to remember its foundation is

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