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Black History Month: Jesse Owens Proved Hitler Wrong

This article was co-written by Lucy Parry and Mikayla Guarasci  February is Black History Month and we are going to highlight a few trailblazers for people of color in sports. Many of you will know the name Jesse Owens, but how much do you actually know about him? He was born in Oakville, Alabama in 1913 as James Cleveland Owens, originally known as JC. When he was nine, Owens’ parents moved with their 10 children


The Damage a White-Centric Education Has on Young People of Color

With it being Black History Month in the UK, it’s that time of year when schools pretend to care about black history for a week before returning to their ethnocentric education. It’s that ironic month where pupils sit in school assemblies where they watch videos about how a lack of representation in school subjects can affect pupils of color before going to their history lessons where they’ll learn about the Tudor period for the fifth time in their


7 Things That Black People Should Keep Doing After Black History Month

Black History Month 2017 is at it’s end, and next week I’ll still be black. Next week, I’ll still carry the burdens with my brothers and sisters. But I’ll also carry their strength. Our pro-blackness should last throughout the whole year, the empowerment, the self love, the support, the magic. Here is a list of seven things that black people should keep doing after the month is over. Our pro-blackness should last throughout the whole


Why Is Black History Month The Shortest of the Year?

Black History Month is dedicated to honoring prominent African Americans and their contributions to our nation, but why is it celebrated in February, the shortest month of the year? The predecessor of Black History of Month was “Negro History Week”, which was chosen as the second week of February in 1926 by African American historian, Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). Woodson, who was the

Mental Health

This Black History Month, I Want to Talk About Mental Illness

Sometimes it is difficult to truly empathize with a problem until you are faced with it yourself. For most people, this is not because they are insensitive. Rather, it is the fact that the emotions that accompany certain situations are simply too complex to understand unless you’ve experienced them first hand. A few days ago, I was forced to learn this hard truth. What had originally started out as a normal weekend, quickly turned into


Remembering Nina Simone This Black History Month: Musical Legend and Activist

February is Black History Month and as a fellow Affinity Magazine article has noted, we often tend to leave out a lot of individuals that contributed to the Civil Rights Movement in their own way. An individual that falls into that underappreciated category is Jazz legend, Nina Simone. A music prodigy who took to playing the piano at the tender age of three, Nina Simone had always hoped to be known as the first African-American classical pianist, but


10 Black People to Learn About This Black History Month

Every year, the same people are recognized around this time for Black History Month. We hear about Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and more, but it’s important to acknowledge the accomplishments of others. Here is a list of 10 black people you can learn more about to celebrate this month. Jane Bolin   Jane Bolin was a woman of firsts. In 1931, she became the first African-American to graduate with a law degree from

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