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Black Lives Matter


Ditch the Uniform: We Need To Leave Police Out of Pride

On June 28, 1969, the New York City Police raided the Stonewall Inn, a known gay club. Homosexuality and cross dressing were illegal at that time, so with a warrant the police entered the club, hauling patrons and employees out of the building. Instead of dispersing into the night, patrons and neighbors stood outside the bar and would do so for 6 days in protest of police harassment of the LGBT community. Three years prior


Apartheid: What It Is and Why It Still Matters

Institutionalized racism overwhelms history — as a South African youth of colour, my life is engulfed by it. When I look back at my childhood spent in predominantly white schools, I don’t believe a single condition in my life has excluded some aspect or hyper-awareness of race. It has always been an ‘outside-looking-in’ situation. This, despite being a ‘Born-Free’. I was born post-1994, the year that South Africa held the first election in the entire


To the Young, Black and Smart: You Are Not the Anomaly

During my second semester of high school, I made a routine visit to my white female guidance counselor to select courses for the following semester, as usual, she began by looking at my grades over the past year. Surprisingly (but not unexpectedly) I was met with a “Wow. Good. VERY good, actually” in reference to my marks. I returned her rather rude reaction with a smile – since, apparently that’s a compliment and that’s how


Dear Donald Trump, Police Brutality Is Not a Joke

Donald Trump, once again, stirred up controversy in the media after making a comment to an audience of law enforcement officers in Long Island, New York last Friday that appears to condone police brutality. “When you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, and I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice,’” Trump said to a laughing and


Did You Forget About Flint?

Mari Copeny, reigning Little Miss Flint and Youth Ambassador for the Women’s March, took to Twitter on July 26 to remind the world that it has been 1,1888 days or approximately 3.2 years since Flint residents had access to clean, safe water. It has been 1,188 days since Flint has had clean safe water #FlintWaterCrisis #MAGA pic.twitter.com/ygT3Xd1hSA — Mari Copeny (@LittleMissFlint) July 26, 2017 Another Twitter user also utilized the social media platform’s capabilities to


Black People Are In Mourning

Grief is a powerful thing. Anyone who has lost someone has experienced grief, and many people are well aware of the five common stages of it. In case you aren’t, those are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. So then, how many of our own do black people have to lose before we’re allowed to experience these emotions? Following Philando Castile’s murder, I felt denial. I felt like it couldn’t be real; I thought, “this

Mental Health

I Burnt Out Because We Keep Pretending Black Activists Are Made Of Steel

Trigger Warning: There is discussion surrounding mental illness, specifically depression, anxiety and PTSD. There’s also mention of racist and transphobic violence. Please practice self care. When it was first announced that the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, widely known as the DSM – 5, contained changes in the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that would allow for better recognition of race-based trauma many mental health professionals of color


Black America Doesn’t Need Another Hashtag- We Need Justice

We are living in an era of social media sensationalism and systemized racism. Alone, the two form an extreme inconvenience, causing nothing but social stratification and discrimination. But together they can be dangerous. Every time a black person in America dies at the hands of an official who was meant to keep them alive, an official who very well won’t be convicted of their murder, the internet outrages and sensationalism pours from the phones and news outlets like


Settlement of $3 Million Reached Between Family of Philando Castile and City of Minnesota

Earlier today, news broke that a $3 million settlement was reached between the family of Philando Castile, an African American male wrongfully murdered by police officer Jeronimo Yanez last year for a traffic stop, and the city of St. Anthony Village, Minnesota. Compared to other police brutality cases, the settlement was reached expeditiously, just 10 days after the acquittal of former Officer Jeronimo Yanez on counts of second-degree manslaughter and endangering other peoples with the


Charleena Lyles was a Disabled Black Woman Who was Shot and Killed By Police In Front of Her Children – And the Media Continues to Erase Her Identity

Yes, you read that right. Charleena Lyles was a thirty-year-old disabled black single mother, who was fatally shot in her apartment by Seattle Police Department on June 18. SPD responded to a call made by Lyles saying that there was a burglary taking place at her apartment, and at some point, Lyles displayed a knife and these two officers shot and killed Ms. Lyles in front of her children, knowing that Ms. Lyles was several

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