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Dear Bathing Suit Companies, We Don’t Look Like That

In light of summer, it’s not uncommon to see public pools fill up with teenagers desperate to get a tan. It’s also not hard to notice the increasing smaller size of bathing suits being made for women. Bikinis barely provide covering to the necessary areas and leave women feeling naked and exposed. Several girls will avoid going swimming because of the way they perceive their bodies. Bathing suit models are plastered on walls everywhere, showcasing


Let’s Talk About Body Positivity: The Queens of Instagram You Should Know About

Body image is discussed a lot in the world of social media. We are constantly bombarded with pictures of skinny, idealistic women who set the standards for the young generations. It seems like insecure teens struggling with body image have the vision of the so-called ‘perfect body’ tattooed on their brains. In fact, the main causes for developing an eating disorder are low self-esteem, social pressure for thinness, social/family problems, and perfection. Teens don’t love


The Female Body Paradox

I am a beautifully disgusting paradox. I am a bouquet of fresh farmer’s market irises and a gaping wound ripped open by the hands of men. I am fresh linen and old, hidden blood. I am pulsing and alive and silent. I want to scream but there are foreign hands in my mouth. I am trapped in my body. I dated a boy in high school who was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, the


JoJo Is Using Her Comeback To Talk About Body Positivity

Calling all JoJo fans… she’s back! After experiencing many highs and many lows, JoJo has returned and graced our presence with her impeccable voice. Recently, she sat down with the Huffington Post and discussed her views on body positivity and body image, and how she has chosen to deal with it while being in the public eye. When asked how she has been able to “navigate” the world of body image, positivity, and love while

Mental Health

Fat Isn’t An Insult

Written by Megan Carlson  Just like many other people, I have been fat my whole life. Every time I tell someone this I hear comments like, “Stop! No you are not!” or, “You’re not fat!” But, I am. When I use the word “fat” I don’t think of it negatively. I don’t associate it with ugly or undesirable. All it does is describe a body type. Just like skinny or thick or curvy. The difference

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