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Are Glo Ups Really Promoting Body Positivity?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be skinny to be considered beautiful. Social media is constantly pushing the idea that being skinny is related to beauty when in reality, yes skinny people can be beautiful but that is not the reason they are attractive. Everyone has an ideal weight for themselves, and that’s perfectly fine except when these goals for yourself begin to be forced on to other people, which social media is

Mental Health

Fat Shaming Doesn’t Help Victims “Get Skinnier”

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to read arguments in support of fat shaming, you’ve probably found that one of the most common claims regarding the arguments is that it somehow helps the victims. Yes, a degrading, horrible practice that is widely recognized as a leading cause of depression and anxiety disorders, is helpful to the victim. But the individuals in support of the claim go beyond this. Using some pseudo-philosophical pseudo-stoic reasoning, they say that the shaming and


“Hip Dips” and Self-Love: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What Your Body Should Look Like

While browsing through Instagram, watching endless hours of YouTube workout videos (that you’ll know you’ll never actually attempt), or even scrolling through your Tumblr, it’s almost impossible to miss the latest body fascination: hip dips. What are hip dips, you ask? Hip dips are simply the space between the pelvis and the thigh bone. When regarding society’s coveted hourglass figure, such a space does not exist. Instead of a slim-thick, perfectly shaped hourglass silhouette, the

Mental Health

EDNOS: The Most Dangerous Eating Disorder That No One Talks About

There are three main eating disorders that are talked about in high school Health classes: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. But classifying only these three conditions as eating disorders leaves out a large percentage of the population that’s suffering from an eating disorder that doesn’t fit into one of these categories. Hence where EDNOS comes in. EDNOS stands for Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified and it includes several types of situations where


Let’s Talk About Body Positivity: The Queens of Instagram You Should Know About

Body image is discussed a lot in the world of social media. We are constantly bombarded with pictures of skinny, idealistic women who set the standards for the young generations. It seems like insecure teens struggling with body image have the vision of the so-called ‘perfect body’ tattooed on their brains. In fact, the main causes for developing an eating disorder are low self-esteem, social pressure for thinness, social/family problems, and perfection. Teens don’t love


#BodyPositivity Seems To Only Focus On White Women

*Some names have been altered to ensure the safety and overall well-being of the people interviewed. #BodyPositivity icons are taking the world by storm, models such as Iskra Lawrence are breaking through the boundaries of beauty and spreading diversity in the modeling industry. However, while these faces of #BodyPositivty have body types outside that of what is oftentimes seen in the modeling industry, many of them in all other instances, fit the ideals of beauty. This movement

Mental Health

Body Positivity is Harmful?

Body Positivity is such an important concept and idea that we should all be partaking in. Especially in this day and age where comparisons to out of this world models are just begging to happen, to both men and women. It’s hard to feel confident about yourself when you look nothing like the top 100 sexiest celebs, who get applauded as something that we should all aspire to be – subjectively pretty to a select


The Feeling of Beauty

Beau·ty, noun; a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. When I Googled the definition of beauty, the words above popped up. But, I question that this sensation, this feeling, this murmur of question can be summarized into a sentence or two. When you think of beauty, what do you think of? Is it the feeling, or is it the aesthetic? Does it come from


JoJo Is Using Her Comeback To Talk About Body Positivity

Calling all JoJo fans… she’s back! After experiencing many highs and many lows, JoJo has returned and graced our presence with her impeccable voice. Recently, she sat down with the Huffington Post and discussed her views on body positivity and body image, and how she has chosen to deal with it while being in the public eye. When asked how she has been able to “navigate” the world of body image, positivity, and love while

Feminism, Mental Health, Real Life

A Battle with Body, A Battle with Mind

I used to live on the scale in my bathroom. Every morning, I’d cautiously balance myself upon it with one foot, trying to trick the needle into giving me the lowest number possible. I would alternate between tiptoeing on it and keeping my feet on the very edge, my heels still on the ground. I desperately wanted it to lie to me. And with terror, as the stress of my personal life waxed and waned,

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