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Censorship Might Be Back in Brazil, Here’s Why:

Only a couple of days ago one of the most famous banks in Brazil (Banco Do Brasil) launched a new commercial that featured diversity as its main purpose, as an attempt to connect with the younger part of the population. The advertisement only lasted a few moments, though, before Brasil’s president interfered, taking it down because it was not according to his “line of work” and that “we do not want public money to be


Post-Bolsonaro Brazil and How It Is Not Working Out

Brazil’s election had a rough but expected outcome, Jair Bolsonaro was elected for president. He hasn’t begun his presidential term yet, but even from behind the political scene of Brazil he has already managed to cause trouble. His campaigns, now and before the elections always circled around corruption, about how he and his family are “decent and honest” people and that he was unlike any other politician in the Brazilian scenery. That speech conquered a great


Who is Brazil’s New Far-Right Leader Jair Bolsonaro?

This week Jair Bolsonaro won the Brazilian presidential vote (55.7%), defeating leftist candidate Fernando Haddad. His victory in the largest country of Southern America marks the beginning of a new era. Who is Bolsonaro? Bolsonaro graduated from military academy in 1977 during the military dictatorship Brazil underwent from 1964 to 1985. He became captain by the time Brazil was democratic in the mid-1980s and won a seat in congress in 1990. His values? A reason why many

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Brazilian Election: The decision is Easier Than You Think

Brazil is going through a delicate moment. The presidential elections have never been as polarized and controversial as 2018’s have been. On one side, there is Haddad. A leftist candidate who has a speech that resonates with social commitment, but at the same time, whose political party (“PT”) has had involvement with corruption and money laundering over the years. On the other side, there is Bolsonaro. A self-proclaimed conservative, with speeches of hatred and prejudice going


LGBT Violence In Brazil Has Increased By 30%

A place known to be LGBT+ friendly is also one of the most deadliest places for LGBT+ people. Grupo De Bahia reported that there were 387 deaths as a result of homophobia in the past year, rising the violence by 30%. Many suicides accompany these deaths. The municipality of Sao Paulo is known to have a humongous pride parade and Brazil is known to have marriage equality and legal resources for transgender lives, so why would


Brazil Passed a Homophobic Law And No One Is Talking About It

Last week a judge in Brazil passed a law making it legal to treat homosexuality as a disease, in turn, allowing for “gay conversion therapy.” This regressive decision was met with outrage from the LGBTQ+ community, as well as a fear that the growing conservative movement in Brazil will undo many progressive policies. The fact that this ruling has been kept relatively quiet surprises me. Typically, news like this floods my timeline on every social


Uncontacted Tribe Massacred in Brazil

Brazilian authorities are investigating an alleged massacre of indigenous residents of the Javari Valley. Very little has been confirmed at this point. It appears that several members of the tribe were collecting food when they encountered a group of miners. These prospectors had been hired to illegally dredge the valley’s rivers for gold. It is thought that ten or more people (some estimates go up to twenty) were killed. If this is confirmed, then a


Carnival Does Not Discriminate Against Those Who Like To Celebrate

Carnival (or Carnaval if you’re a Portuguese speaker), is known for its vivid colors, celebratory nudity, loud music, and extravagant costumes. These are activities that the average person doesn’t tend to associate with religion. However, carnival originated as a catholic tradition; it was a food festival where people would gather and eat as much as they could before fasting for lent. Carnival, in fact, is latin for ‘carne vale,’ which means, ‘farewell to the meat.’


Brazilian Prisons: Drugs, Factions And Bloodshed

Penitentiary systems across the third world are often faulty for the same number of reasons.  Instead of serving the purpose of inserting criminals back into  society, prisons usually adopt a punitive character. In addition to being often supervised by corrupt police officers that will allow free transit of weapons, cellphones and drugs, this hostile environment is prone to the emergence of violence. Members of conflicting gangs and factions coexisting in huddled cells evinces imminent tension.


Selective Democracy: How Brazilian Authorities Choose To Hear Their People According To Convenience

(http://www.revistaforum.com.br/2016/11/03/pec-do-teto-e-o-apagao-midiatico-que-atinge-o-pais/) Dentro da Câmara, parlamentares durante coquetel enquanto manifestantes e PMs se confrontam fora do Congresso. (Foto: Gisele Arthur) pic.twitter.com/Y3t2PZoPMP — Luiz Fara Monteiro (@luizfara) November 29, 2016               (Translation: “Parliamentarians have a cocktail inside the House of Representatives, while protesters and the police are in conflict outside”) It is no secret to the global community that Brazil has been dealing with intense political turmoil for years. With a

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