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Why I Think Pakistan Is Still Colonized After Seventy Years Of Independence

Recently, I had a few discussions about the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, with my workmates. When we Pakistanis talk about the man who got us the freedom we have today, we often forget to talk about the freedom we still do not have. A few days ago in a tweet, the prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan taunted those who criticized his poultry plan calling them “colonized minds’’ and just like that, he


The Windrush Immigration Scandal, Explained

Thousands of people residing in the U.K., some for over 50 years, are now in danger of removal and deportation from the country they call home. The Windrush Generation is characterized by immigrants from the Caribbean, namely Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, who arrived in Britain any time between 1948 and 1971 in order to provide aid and more sets of working hands during the labor shortage of World War II. Like the dreamers residing in


The NHS Has Indefinitely Banned Smokers and the Obese From Receiving Surgery

New controversial plans have been drawn up in Hertfordshire that allows the NHS to ban obese and patients who smoke from receiving nonemergent surgery until have lost weight and or quit smoking. These restrictions are thought to be some of the most extreme and have already been criticised by the Royal College if Surgeons, the vice president had called for “urgent rethink” of policies which he said were “discriminatory” and went against the fundamental principles


EU Has Reportedly Increased Brexit Talks With Labour

In a study by ORB International, almost two thirds of people disagree with Theresa May’s Government’s Brexit negotiations. May has repeatedly been called to resign since she lost the conservative majority in the general election in June 2017 and this has been heightened this week with reports that more than 30 Tory MPs want her to resign. In addition to that, the E.U.-Brexit negotiators have reportedly increased talks with the Labour party amid concerns that the Tory


Brits, Help Save Your Local Library

British libraries have been under the threat of budget cuts since 2010. The funding of libraries was cut £25m and fell to £919m in 2016 from £944 in 2014. A number of authors have joined hundreds of protesters in the campaign to save the libraries throughout England, including Michael Rosen, author of We’re Going On a Bear Hunt, who told The Guardian: “How hypocritical of a government that claims to be on the side of the disadvantaged for


Who Exactly Are Britain First Protecting?

Britain First (BF) are the most infamous right-wing political party in the UK. When the party emerged, when I was a child, the name seemed almost innocent – as if they were simply putting the needs of Britain first. But a quick google-search will reveal their odd definition of “British” – a definition which doesn’t seem to include Brits of colour, particularly Muslims. And, it goes with out saying, they don’t have any regard for


British Public Raises £50 million For Hunger Crisis In East Africa

Recently, the British public has raised £50 million in just twenty-two days for the east African humanitarian crisis. The Britsih public’s immense efforts to help raise money for those on the brink of starvation has enabled aid agencies to increase their efforts to attend to those most affected by the hunger crisis. In December, the British public started a Yemen appeal, in which they raised £22 million. The British public, in total, has raised £72


A Letter To The Tories: Why The Arts Matter, Too

As I’m writing this, I am 16 years old. I’ll be taking my GCSEs in a couple of months, then my A levels in two years time. I’m the prime age for Michael Gove’s (and subsequently Nicky Morgan, and Justine Greening’s) absurd policies about a ‘British education’ to be of heavy impact. And I’m not happy about it. At the age of 12, I was offered the chance to take Spanish, as well as French,


Refugees In Britain Are Living In Poverty

Refugees living in Britain are struggling to provide essentials for themselves and their families, as they are currently being driven into poverty. Hundreds of asylum seekers living in the UK are immensely struggling to survive, as some are faced with destitution, while others are being forced into exploitative work because they fear being detained and deported. It is estimated that the UK hosts around 117,234 refugees, which accounts for just 0.18 percent of the total


Can We Please Stop Asking Theresa May About Her Shoes?

It is only recently  Theresa May has been appointed as the new UK Prime Minister and yet she has already faced public scrutiny over her style. Having said this, there seems to be a trend in the scrutiny of the public over female Prime Ministers. Margaret Thatcher, the ‘Iron Lady’, was not only discriminated by the masses of the nation for her policies all of which many at the time may have not agreed with –

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