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A Female Prime Minister Doesn’t Mean A Feminist One

International Women’s Day saw what became essentially a pissing competition in British parliament over which political party represents women the most. Corbyn begins the day by wishing us women a happy International Women’s Day, and pointing out that his shadow cabinet is 50:50 men to women. He says that since his election, the Labour Party has made large leaps to improve gender equality in the party, as it has more female members than any other party.


The 5th of November: More Than Just About Fireworks

  The 5th of November is engraved in each and every diary in England. It’s commonly perceived as an excuse for a night out with friends. A night when people across England build a man, a ‘guy’ to burn in order to watch fireworks. The fireworks symbolise the explosion at Parliament that never went off. Most of the country knows, at minimum, that “some bloke named Guy attempted to blow up the parliament”. In 1605, Guy Fawkes night

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