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Catcalling May Soon Be Fined In France

It’s every woman’s nightmare and every woman has experienced it. Catcalling has been a source of discomfort and embarrassment for many women. From having sexist remarks yelled at you in public to unwanted comments and wolf whistles, many consider catcalling another form of sexual harassment. In recent years, it’s been heavily debated whether or not those who catcall should face consequences. Recently, France has announced that men who catcall could face fines under a new sexual-abuse law

Real Life

To My Fellow Males: Stop Harassing Women

As I write this, I speak from the perspective of a male who’s friends have experienced sexual harassment and is quite frankly sick of other men deeming this behaviour as acceptable, I intend in no way to put myself in women’s shoes and act like I know how it feels as I have never experienced it and of course, I am not a woman. Time and time again, catcalling and other forms of sexual harassment are still prevalent


Stop Telling Women to Get Over Harassment

The day started like any other. I woke up, got ready, and went to my 10 a.m. English class. After leaving the campus, a group of guys in a van said something to me while one of them blew a kiss at me. I didn’t react and instead kept on walking the shortcut through the quiet neighborhood and headed home. Three blocks later, I heard someone honking at me, along with wolf whistles and kissing

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