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High Class Education or High Class Fraud?

Recently, one of the largest college cheating scandals in American history was unveiled, and who’s to blame? “A catalog of wealth and privilege,” Andrew Lelling, the US attorney for Massachusetts, tells CNN news. From the years 2011 to 2019, it was revealed that a plethora of wealthy citizens had been paying for their kid’s spot at top schools around the nation. Through schemes, bribery and fraud, countless wealthy parents bought their kids a way into


This Is Why Women Are So Afraid to Speak Out

The Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford testimony has sparked countless debates, conversations and disagreements, each of them with the identical question at hand: Is Dr. Ford to be believed or not? As a result of the established inquiry, numerous amounts of people — celebrities included — have taken to Instagram and Twitter where they have been sharing their opinions on the matter, executing the hashtag #WeBelieveHer. Well-known stars of hit TV shows The Vampire Diaries and


Salvaging The Trump Presidency, The ‘Pee-Pee’ Tape, Reopening The Clinton Investigation, And More: Comey Visits Colbert

James Comey paid a visit to the Ed Sullivan Theatre last night in order to promote his new book “A Higher Loyalty,” bringing the Late Show their third highest ratings yet, and allowing host Stephen Colbert to do what he does best: making the political maelstrom, hot mess that is our Current State of Affairs bearable, and, in a way not too dissimilar to the clever young mother who hides spinach in her kid’s brownies,


Corbyn vs. May: Using Maths to Find the More Eloquent Speaker

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are, as of now, the two towering figures that seem to dominate politics in the United Kingdom. May and Corbyn – the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition respectively – have, in their careers, endeavored to master the art of speeches, political campaigning, and persuasive language. This art, however, is not by any necessity unscientific. The truth, in fact, is the opposite. A politician can completely alter the manner


These Hollywood Women are Starting an Initiative to Combat Sexual Harassment

Hollywood took a hit in 2017 when several of its most powerful figures were accused and found guilty of sexual misconduct. The revelations paved a path for many women in the entertainment industry to find the courage to come forth with their personal experiences of sexual harassment and assault. However, for many women, the journey of healing and being open about their stories is not as simple. Not every woman has the privileges and positive circumstances


Rebel Wilson Reveals History of Sexual Harassment to Only Receive “Unbelievable” Reactions

It has become increasingly common these past few weeks to find stories of public figures coming out with their experiences of sexual assault and/or harassment in the entertainment industry. What began with the Harvey Weinstein allegations has now unravelled into a beautiful unification of courage and strength in sharing stories of sexual misconduct and giving victims a voice and opportunity to share their experiences and messages. In a series of tweets posted on November 11,


I Translated Trump’s Tweets So You Don’t Have To

Donald Trump is undoubtedly many things: a bigot, easily offended, a curious shade of orange, but he is perhaps most notably one thing: obsessed with Twitter. He speaks, and word goes out to 40.2 million people –excluding the followers I have a strong suspicion that he bought to seem more famous. But it’s common knowledge now that when Donald Trump says things, it’s most likely in a low-self esteem induced cry-scream session. You know, the


Woman Running For Prime Minister Of New Zealand Called “Lipstick On A Pig” By Male Opponent

After being inappropriately asked about her plans for motherhood on national television, Jacinda Ardern has faced yet another sexist jibe in running for Prime Minister of New Zealand—she was accused of being nothing more than “lipstick on a pig” by political opponent Gareth Morgan. Sure but it's pathetic isn't it?All that matters is policy.Jacinda should be required to show she's more than lipstick on a pig.Will she be? — Gareth Morgan (@garethmorgannz) August 20, 2017


Why the BBC Pay Row Is Just Another Example of the Glass Ceiling for Women

The idea of meritocracy — that hard work will be rewarded with success — has been an intrinsic belief within the U.K. for years, despite it constantly being proven as a myth. This was proven again last week when the BBC released their annual report documenting their finances, including their top earners — and surprisingly, it was dominated by white men. Out of the top 10 BBC salaries, only 3 belong to women and not one was

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