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How One News Network In Venezuela Is Combating Censorship

Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, has been filled with protests, fights, violence and death. The people of Venezuela are protesting government censorship. It has been a long fight. Marking ten years since Hugo Chavez shut down RCTV, a popular news network in Venezuela, the people are out protesting the violation of speaking one’s mind and having unpopular opinions. The network was shut down because Chavez could not take the criticism given to him or his government. Many


#YoutubeIsOverParty: Censorship vs. Freedom of Speech

Many content creators on Youtube had nothing but disappointment and anger to show when a policy that the website had proclaimed was beginning to take a toll. The policy states that videos containing any kind of sexual content, inappropriate language and promotion of drugs will not be monetized. Another one of the factors in which would affect your video getting demonetized is any mention of “sensitive subjects and events” such as war, natural disasters and/or political

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