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Agricultural Child Labor Is Legal In The U.S. & Countless Children Are Suffering Because Of It

Every year, thousands of children and teenagers gather along rows of tobacco to pick the leaves for cigarette companies. In front of them are long and physically heavy workdays in extreme heat, with neither adequate breaks or proper shade. Together, they are part of a larger group of agricultural child workers who remain invisible and unprotected by the state. Since child labor still isn’t something of the past in the U.S., these children have to


Yes, Even Your Chocolate Is Problematic

An Easter basket goody. A dessert staple. A cultural medium. With a worldwide consumption rate of approximately 7.7 million tons annually, it’s obvious that chocolate is something a lot of people can’t seem to live without. Many people view chocolate as something that is an indulgent treat, reserved only for cheat days and special occasions. Still others prefer to eat it daily. Any way you look at it, chocolate is an integral part of food


Dear Consumers, Join The Fairtrade Fashion Revolution

Why putting down that $10 Forever 21 skirt and picking up its pricier, fairtrade counterpart is the right thing to do. All around the world, we as humans have become adapted to comfort and ease. We want our demands quicker and cheaper in order to be satisfied. Ever since Amazon Prime’s two day free shipping, nothing taking five to eight business days can seem to arrive soon enough, and every shipping fee feels like too

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