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Child Marriage


Why The World Wants #JusticeForNoura

It’s heartbreaking to think that we live in a world which sentences a teenage girl to death because she killed her rapist husband; this is the story of Noura Hussein, a 19-year-old Sudanese girl that is facing, in these days, the terrible sentence the court has given her, hoping that there will be changes and that she will decide her own fate. Noura was forced into child marriage, an issue that is still, sadly, common


Rohingya Refugee Girls Are Being Sexually Abused and Forced Into Marriage

In Myanmar, an ethnic cleansing has been taking place. At the center of these heinous crimes are the Rohingya people, a Muslim based minority in the country who have been seen as outcasts and aren’t given many basic rights including voting. Over the past few years, tensions have been rising as foreign public officials and the U.N. condemn the country for the horrible acts being perpetrated against the Rohingya. The Rohingya face burnings of their villages


It’s Time To Stop Ignoring Child Marriage in the U.S.

At the age of eleven, most children across the country are entering sixth grade, having first crushes, going to the movies by themselves for the first time, or going to their first school dances. When Sherry Johnson turned eleven years old, she was being married off to her 20-year-old rapist. Johnson, after being raped four times by a member of her church resulting in impregnation, was forced into a marriage by her family and church

Real Life

Exposing Child Marriage

Child marriage, defined as a formal marriage or informal union before age 18, is a reality for both boys and girls, although girls are disproportionately the most affected. Countries in Asia and Africa are having the highest rates of child marriage. Child marriage brings so many disadvantages, because as those children got involved with marriage, they are for sure abandoned their educations and focusing more to household works. What really upsetting about this, is that


Malaysian MP Shabudin Yahaya Says There is Nothing Wrong With Victims Marrying Their Rapist

Malaysian MP, Shabudin Yahaya, causes controversy with his latest claim. On Tuesday, April 4th, during the debate on the Sexual Offences against Children Bill of 2017 in Parliament, Shabudin caused outrage with his perturbing remark. The Malaysian MP stated that there is nothing wrong with rape victims marrying their rapist. In fact, he stated that marrying their rapist could lead victims to a “better life”. He called it a “social problem remedy“.  Despite rape being

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