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China Has Successfully Sprouted Cotton On The Moon

There is officially life on the moon. A cotton seed has sprouted just two weeks after China’s Chang’e-4 mission landed successfully on the moon. Inside the mini biosphere, there is now growth. Though there have been many instances of plant growth in space, this is the first to take place in such an extreme environment. Though previous plant growth took place inside of Earth’s orbit, none took place on any other surface than Earth. It is officially


Why World Leaders Are Planning To #DitchTheDollar

The U.S. dollar is the world’s greatest reserve currency, with around 63% of global reserves held in it. It also enjoys a special position as the fiat currency – or a currency widely relied upon by businesspeople worldwide – and as the primary currency in which international bilateral trading is done, even when the U.S. is not a party in the said deal. All this has given the U.S. dollar, and hence the country it


China Steals Organs from Political Prisoners

China runs one of the largest systems of organ transplantation in the world. The program supposedly awards transplants to an estimated 20,000 people annually. However, the number of organ donors are far less. Even fabricated statistics make it obvious that the donations are fewer than the actual hospital procedures. Huang Jeifu, who was the Deputy Health Minister in 2005, offered numerous contradictions to the actual numbers of transplants and donors. He mentioned how in China, the average organ


Matt Damon And The Great Wall Of Privilege

When it comes to the press, Matt Damon is his own worst enemy. Last year, he caught flack after a cringe-worthy display of entitlement on an episode of his HBO show, Project Greenlight. After comments about the only black character in a film were brought up, he rudely interrupted  and white-mansplained the issue of diversity – or lack thereof – to producer Effie Brown, the only woman and African-American on the panel. He later issued a

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Here’s What You Need to Know About China’s Animal Testing Laws

If you’re someone who wears make up and tries to only support cruelty-free and/or vegan cosmetic companies, then you’ve probably heard people expressing their disappointment over cosmetic companies that are cruelty-free in the United States but choose to sell their cosmetics in China. But what exactly are those companies agreeing to by agreeing to market in China? Well, for starters, Chinese law states that foreign cosmetics need to be tested in government approved labs. While

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Remembering The Tiananmen Square Massacre: A Forgotten Effort

June 4th, 1989. The deafening sound of the road vibrating under the weight of 50 approaching tanks. The echoes of  300,000 soldiers’ synchronized march.  They have a mission to fulfill. The thousands of protesters sitting outside occupying the streets, look up from their groggy, self-induced, starved stoopers. Before then, there had been a peace in the air, a sense of optimism and a feeling of that they were having an impact. If only they’d known

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