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In Sexism’s Pocket: What’s Up With Women’s Pants?

Watching my girlfriend struggle to hold on to her phone while putting on her backpack, I didn’t hesitate to ask: “Why don’t you just put it in your pocket?” Needless to say, this kicked off a very educational discourse about pockets that didn’t end until she got on the bus home, phone still in hand. I was aware that this was a recurring theme in women’s clothing (full disclosure: I’m a cis guy), but I


The One-Size Stigma: Stop Oversimplifying Body Types

Inclusive campaigns and lines have been created by several international brands in order to cater for all different body types. They include clothes for plus-sized girls, petite pieces for shorter or thinner ladies and longer wears for those who are a few inches taller than the average; and this is amazing. Almost nothing feels better than when one goes shopping and finds somethin`g that will fit them even if they do not meet the stereotypical

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The Jenner Brand Tried Capitalizing Off of Biggie’s Death and We’re Not Here For It

Let me introduce you to the new trend in marketing and sales: dead celebrities. It seems like nobody can rest in peace because someone else is always ready to use your likeness on cotton blend and sell it for a profit. If not your face, then your suicide note. Take Urban Outfitters for example, who came under fire a couple years ago for selling t-shirts with Kurt Cobain’s suicide note. The retailer has since taken


How to Become a Pro-Thrifter: Thrifting Tips

Thrift shopping can seem both thrilling and daunting, but it is always a treasure hunt for an item that you didn’t know existed yet. From the multiple environmental benefits of thrifting and the pride that comes out of finding a special item, it’s no surprise that this shopping method is quickly gaining popularity. With these fifteen tips, you’ll master the art of thrifting and find yourself in a whole new world of shopping. Wear comfortable


Nasty Gal: From $85 Million to Nothing

Goodbye, Girl Boss. Official as of November 9, 2016, Nasty Gal Ltd. officially declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, meaning the company sought immunity from creditors and debts by the U.S. government, essentially allowing for them to more efficiently pay off their already existing borrowings. Nasty Gal was created by 22-year old Sophia Amoruso in 2006, who originally began her brand in San Francisco, selling vintage clothes on her Ebay store, “Nasty Gal Vintage.” From a popular

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Why Thrift Shopping Benefits You AND Our Planet

Thrift shopping is something that you either like or you don’t. For some people, the idea of wearing clothes that have already been worn disgusts them; to which I agree, if someone has been sweating in a t-shirt without washing it, for you to then wear that would feel quite invasive. The clothing consumerism industry has done nothing but grow over the last decade. With the introduction of social media, online shopping and constant exposure

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